‘The Monk’ has secret meeting with George ‘The Penguin’ Mitchell over feud

Monday 29th February 2016
George 'The Penguin' Mitchell

George ‘The Penguin’ Mitchell

Gerry ‘the Monastic’ Hutch is reported to be recruiting contacts across the EU, including the UK, S in and the Netherlands as tensions escalate with Daniel Kinahan’s mob.

Gerry ‘The Loosely friar’ Hutch

It emerged last week that ‘The Monk’ had met with older drug trafficker George ‘The Penguin’ Mitchell over the current rivalry.

The Sunday World caught up with Ireland’s ‘Godfather of crime’, George Mitchell, last last year, read about it here.

Mitchell has major vincula with international groups, including Moroccan drug gangs and Colombian cartels, and although he not ever had a close relationship with Hutch it is believed they built up convincing ties through mutual contacts.

Kinahan and Liam Byrne, the kin of murdered gang member David, fled to London in an attempt to regroup.

Creators have previously warned that the most recent murders were “no more than the beginning”, and associates of Gerry Hutch recently issued a chilling bulletin, stating that the feud won’t end until Daniel Kinahan is dead.

Detectives are uneasy by the “hardened” attitude displayed by members of the mob connected to slain Gary Hutch, without considering last week’s massive raids on the gang at 11 locations in the assets.

Many former Kinahan associates from the north-inner city entertain aligned themselves with the Hutch side in disgust at the murder of Gary Hutch, whose demise s rked the current feud.

One of the former associates who has cut his ties is a criminal suspected of carrying out the murders of ul Kavanagh last year, as well as Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne in 2010, on behalf of the Kinahan cartel.

Gary Hutch was gunned down se rate an a rtment complex near Marbella in S in last September, regard for his family ying over €200,000 to associates of Daniel Kinahan to guard his safety.

Robin Schiller

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