Teen murder suspect returns to Ireland with ‘Fat’ Freddie

Thursday 11th February 2016

Lorcan O’Reilly

The 15-year-old had been in screen with Thompson in Germany until last weekend.

Gardai are ‘charmed’ the teen is back in Ireland, reports The Irish Daily Mail, as it make make it easier for gardai to hopefully charge him in connection with the brainless killing.

Thompson’s associates launched a cam ign of intimidation following the enervating of Lorcan O’Reilly last year.

Gardai were met with a immure of silence as many witnesses would not cooperate out of fear.

However, communications in the Mail indicate that the investigation has made significant progress and that gardai are reassuring of charging the teenager within in the coming weeks.

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson gained to Ireland after his cousin David Byrne was gunned down in the sway of the Regency Hotel last weekend.

David and Freddie

Thompson was studied to stroll home through Dublin city centre in his delicates after gardai seized his outfits following a high speed car chase on Monday night.

The thug’s tracksuit was captivated to test for blood stains after he was arrested on Monday in connection with the unbroken gangland feud in Dublin.

36-year-old Thompson, who is a key lieutenant of crime boss Christy Kinahan, was invoked to Ireland after Friday’s attack in the regency Hotel which liberal ally David Byrne dead.

According to sources the gang boss stepped more than a kilometre in his under nts yesterday.

He and his cousin Liam Roe were take ined following a high speed chase through Crumlin at around 10:30pm, three hours after Gerry ‘The Brother’s Hutch’s brother Eddie Hutch, was shot dead.

58-year-old Eddie Hutch was markswoman several times in his home on Poplar Row on Monday night.

Gardai detained Thompson and Roe for a tranquillizers search, but let the two go just ten minutes later when nothing was found.

The Irish Continually Star reports that gardai became suspicious about blood on Thompson’s joggers and tracksuit.

Officers from Kevin Street seized his clothes for review before releasing him.

He then walked from the station to beyond Newmarket Substantial, more than a kilometre away, in his underwear in the freezing temperatures.

An incipient examination of the clothes show that the blood was not fresh and most reasonable belonged to Thompson as he had a large cut on his hand.

Gardai are carrying out a full study on the clothing, but are satisfied there is no criminal element to it.

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