Sickening video shows girl being stripped NAKED by bullies

The little ones woman wearing a sailor-style suit is viciously pushed and pulled hither as she is attacked at the hands of a group of marauding girls.

The shocking attack is allegedly in Neroic revenge for the girl seeing someone else’s boyfriend.

During the footage, the friend’s desperate cries and screams for help can be heard as the gang try to rip her clothes off.

Two guarding guards suddenly turn up and attempt to prise the yobs off of the girl.

The clip is imagined to have been taken in China and has already racked up thousands of considers.

It comes after similar footage emerged online showing the mo a 15-year-old schoolgirl was stripped and brutally beaten by a gang of girls in Lingao, Hainan state.

The horrifying video went viral and prompted a debate online yon teen violence in China and whether or not ssersby should have interrupted.

A study by China Youth Research Centre last year relished that out of 5,864 respondents in 10 provinces, 32.5 per cent of pubescent people said they had been bullied.

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