Sean Hulgrain shooting may be linked to attack on Darren McGarry

Sean Hulgrain

Sean Hulgrain is about to be making a good recovery after he was blasted a number of times in the rkhill West development of Kilnamanagh at 8.50pm on Monday.

Hulgrain was hit in the arm and back and was brought to Tallaght Clinic after being targeted by individuals in a silver VW ssat.

Sources revealed last night that gardai were investigating links between Monday’s stem and a gun attack on Hulgrain’s associate Darren McGarry (28).

He was shot in the arm in the Kingswood resources on December 1.

Darren McGarry

Both McGarry and Hulgrain were proficient to drive themselves to Tallaght Hospital after being shot.

“Gardai are scrutinizing if both men were targeted as rt of the same dispute in the Tallaght quarter,” a source said.

“The two victims are associates, so this has to be looked at.”

No stalls have been made in either case and both shooting victims are trickle known to gardai.

Hulgrain, who is originally from Clondalkin, received a interrupted sentence last year after being found guilty of break in the nose of an off-duty garda during the infamous Swedish House Mafia concert in 2012.

He has everywhere 17 convictions.

McGarry’s previous convictions include one from January, 2012, when he was lagged of dealing cocaine after he was caught with seven bags of the opiate worth €375.

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McGarry swapped his motorbike for 50 attach cases of cocaine to share with his friends at the Oxegen music festival.


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