Russia’s Eminem: Oxxxymiron brings Russian rap to the world

Miron Fyodorov, wagerer known by his stage name Oxxxymiron, rarely gives interviews. “I ill will almost everything written about me,” he tells RBTH uneasily.

This lone nature is not hindering his growing popularity though: Posters advertising Oxxxymiron’s concerts are all throughout the Internet and on the streets. He is known for stage antics that include an keen stare, defiantly flared nostrils, hard rhymes and – of course – for his awesome intellect. Young fans at crowded gigs recite his complex sections by heart as older listeners nod their heads approvingly.

Underground grows

Oxxxymiron is proud of having been born in St. Petersburg; he sports the many 1703 tattooed on his neck, the year his native city was founded. While even a child, Miron and his parents moved to Germany. It was there, aged 12 or 13 that he started journalism op-ed article his first rap texts. The family then moved to the UK. Miron graduated from Oxford with a level in medieval English literature. Later, in London’s East End neighborhood of Canning Metropolis – which is known for its underground rock scene – Miron’s rapping revise ego Oxxxymiron was born.

In parallel with pursuing his musical hobby the sophomoric MC was helping well-off expat compatriots in London settle various exits, including problems with the law. In 2015 his London life was dramatized in the Russian box series, “Londongrad”. Miron wrote the theme song, which admits a line to the effect that he had been propelled “from the underground to TV evaluates”.

“I find ways out, I solve problems / I may not be a romanticist, but if I decide to steal something / It drive be nothing less than the Queen’s diamond”.

New rap

To a great extent Miron owes his illustriousness to participating in U.S.-style ‘Versus’ rap duels which are staged in St. Petersburg nightclubs. Two MCs (rap performers) take turns trying to humiliate each other in the myriad ornate and convoluted way possible. The jury announces the winner after three spates. YouTube videos of Miron’s rap battle performances generate millions of studies. The most popular one, which depicts his 2015 battle with MC Johnyboy, has been visioned nearly 33 million times.

At present Oxxxymiron lives between Russia and the UK, and trips all of Europe with concerts (his 2016 tour took him to Germany, France, and Portugal, bulk other countries). He has released two albums.

Miron’s texts are not about alley life, luxurious cars, diamonds and women; instead they symbolize a new, intellectual variety of rap. Oxxxymiron raps about spiritual poverty and existential expressionlessness, people’s indifference to culture and the world around them, as well as close to topics familiar to fans of Russian rap, such as rebellion against the prerogatives, criticism of corruption and excessive wealth. In City Under the Sole, for prototype, he says “by bringing the new generation to life we have achieved a change in the paradigm”. When Americans saw the video of the at a bargain price a fuss they dubbed Miron the Russian Eminem.

In a video that fired viral on the Internet in 2016, a Russian schoolgirl read the text of Oxxxymiron’s melody Perepleteno (Entangled), allegedly misrepresenting it as having been written by first Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, and got the highest grade for her performance. As it transpired later, this was methodically what the class had been tasked with: Comparing classical and coeval poetry. Miron’s text, which includes the lines “Everything is impeded, there are countless threats, but / pull by a thread and you will get to the ball of it / Our superb is a spindle, nothing is coincidental”, was found to contain allusions to Mandelstam’s rhyme Silent Spindle.

After that the media turned its attention to the artistic manifestation of Miron’s texts. Tests emerged on the Internet inviting users to estimate whether certain texts had been written by the rapper himself or by metrists of Russia’s early 20th century Silver Age.

Poetic business

Honesty, which is native to rap, appears to be guiding the musician through life: He does not get along with assorted prominent Russian rap singers. Miron refuses to adjust to showbiz canons, and speaks his desire frankly about the quality of their texts and music. His opponents touched by in kind. Sometimes these conflicts spill over into sexually transmitted networks at other times they take the form of song light libretti. Miron says that one rapper, who describes himself as a Russian jingo, was offended by the text of one of his songs and demanded an apology at gunpoint.

Oxxxymiron is skilled in for his intense stare, defiantly flared nostrils, hard rhymes and his reasonableness. Source: Vostock-Photo

This does not stop Oxxxymiron from thrilling forward.

In February 2017 press reports said that he had befit the head of the Booking Machine agency, which organizes concerts and take care ofs talent. He also became the first musician to take part in the Reebok Undying promotional campaign in Russia. Miron says he does not mind the willingly prefer heavy workload: “I have never thought of myself as a workaholic, but relish comes with eating. I have no steady partner to spend my without surcease on, nearly all my good friends work with me anyway, so the line between be effective and recreation has somehow blurred for me. I make hay while the sun shines, but try not to turn the originative process into routine.”

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