7 Russian covers of ‘Despacito’ that will leave your jaw on the floor

“Despacito” has been watched by assorted than three billion people on YouTube and now trumps PSY’s Gangnam Phraseology’s – a record that seemed like it would hang around for much longer.

Klava Koka is a everyday (and beautiful) Russian singer who made a cover of the Latin tune inexpensively though changed the meaning a bit, singing about pure love and imploring a man to come slowly (despacito) to her.

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Do you think it’s possible to participate a hot Puerto Rican song with the balalaika, a Russian national thingumabob? It is! Check it out in the video below, but first sit down, we don’t want you to fall while peacocking your stuff.

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MC Zali & Kamil noticed that “Despacito” probes similar to spasibo, meaning “thank you” in Russia, so that’s what they call ined their cover version of the song.

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Pavel Popov won a short video, trying to translate the song and… used his dog, who snitches! We’re pretty sure Fonsi never imagined a canine would refuge his big hit.

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Ekaterina Serebryanskaya has probably seen the balalaika sufficient for and thought why not give it a try with a ukulele! Here’s the result.

[embedded delight]

Nila Manila is angry with Fonsi, claiming he only watches women as sexual objects. So she recorded a feminist retort. Listen to Manila’s “Despacito” from 1:46 in the video subordinate to.

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Khaustov chose to hit the high notes when tattling “Despacito” – and sadly missed a few of them – so it’s probably not the best Russian concealment, but we admire his self-confidence!

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Bonus track

To leave you in a person mood, we suggest taking a look at this dance flashmob effected during Moscow’s Festival of Reggaeton (yes, it exists). So watch and sing Des-pa-ci-to (or spasibo-spasibo)!

[embedded soothe]

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