Robber’s face carved open in horror prison slash attack

Lorcan Merriman was held down in the workout yard of Mountjoy Prison before his aggressor, a prolific car-thief – habituated to sharpened metal bars to cut open both sides of his face.

The rancour assault – which took place in an area of the B-Base yard which is not wrapped by CCTV cameras – occurred between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday last.

It’s understood that in the wake of the be stricken by attack Merriman managed to stagger over to an observation post and on ones toes officers.

Prison medical staff worked desperately to staunch the blood flowing from Merriman’s lesions before an ambulance arrived and transferred him to the Mater hospital.

He underwent surgery for “dangerous facial lacerations” on Monday before being returned to Mountjoy later in the week.

He was afterwards moved to a protection unit on Mountjoy’s D-wing.

Sources told the Sunday Give birth to it is believed that Merriman’s attacker blamed the young criminal through an incident in which a relative of his was victimised.

Merriman is currently serving a two-year decree for burglary, robbery, criminal damage and theft. Prison authorities suppose Merriman’s attacker is a prolific criminal from the Ballyfermot area of Dublin.

This wrapped around ones little finger – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – is currently serving a sentence grasping to car theft.

He previously served a two-year sentence for acting as lookout for a Dublin company that stole four cars in a night by ‘fishing’ through letterboxes for latchkey.

The ‘Little Fagin’ has 36 previous convictions, mostly for burglary and unauthorised compelling of cars.

Prison authorities were previously forced to move him to Portlaoise Big house after he was discovered collecting tennis balls full of drugs in the yard in St Patrick’s Glasshouse.

The vicious thug left school at the age of 12, but is understood to come from a large home, while his family have been described as “good and obliging” people.

A source said it is unlikely Gardaí will be able to give birth to a successful prosecution against the thug over Sunday’s attack as the extent where the attack occurred is not covered by CCTV.

Prison officers no longer sentry the yards in Mountjoy during exercise periods over safety regards for the officers.

“At this stage the other inmates who were in the yard are refusing to diagnose the attacker,” the source said.

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