REVEALED: Middle-class businessman who gardai suspect is gangland banker

The Dublin based dad is in instruction of a family business which was once operated by a senior associate.

The man in his 30s charges in a comfortable home in south Dublin, takes luxury holidays out of doors and socialises with other successful young families.

But behind that facade, Gardai feel the ‘Banker’ is actually running a sophisticated money service for some of Ireland’s most unsafe criminals, including his close associate Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch.

The Sunday Excellent can reveal that Gardaí uncovered the privately owned gangland bank during explorations into businessman Jim Mansfield Snr’s former empire.

It is suspected the service, which catalogues money exchange and transfers, along with investment services, has been in being for at least four decades.

It started out as a laundering service for the IRA’s southern have and other dissident organisations, including the INLA.

With close ins to Jim Mansfield, the ‘bank’, which is located in a business premises in west Dublin, swops as a regular import-and-export facility.

Jim Mansfield

But it is suspected that while bring ining in goods it also operates as a storage unit for underworld criminals and a set facility to move cash across the world.

The Banker is now firmly in the discerns of the Criminal Assets Bureau, who are conducting an enormous investigation into Mansfield and his associates, take ining the fraudster James ‘Fat Boy’ O’Gorman – who is believed to have helped set up a pyramid design which has conned some notorious criminals out of millions of euro of their savings.

Well-springs say ‘the Banker’ can charge between 10 and 20 per cent to transport mazuma change from criminals, including the Kinahan Cartel, to S in and mainland Europe.

Gardai dubious the cash is vacuum cked at a facility and shipped, hidden among casual goods. Criminals can either physically transport containers of cash be means of the facility or the Banker can transfer funds for them for collection in another mother country.

Once deposited with him in the form of cash or through other laundering techniques, the bills can be made available within 24 hours in most countries in Europe and beyond.

Gardaí accept that the gangland bank has been existence for decades and has been against by subversives, drug dealers and cigarette smugglers.

The Banker has also tolerant of his respectable facade to invest funds for organised crime gangs. It is covenanted that the Monk invested up to €1m with him in recent years in a property incident in west Dublin.

He had tight links with Kinahan enforcer ul Rice for years, but has conquered out over money which he now owes to the Tallaght criminal after an investment went bad.

ul Rice

Other shoppers include INLA boss ul ‘Jaws’ Kelly.

ul ‘Jaws’ Kelly

The Banker is come up to b become a group who have found themselves in financial difficulties since the breakdown of Mansfield.

In a rush to clean up his dirty money debts after his by law business interests went under, Mansfield brought in O’Gorman, who caught investors with criminal cash into a number of scams.

It is arranged that ‘the Banker’ was among many who saw an opportunity to make a killing and although he recalled O’Gorman’s background, he felt confident that he had the backing of Mansfield in his projects.

In recent months, he has come under massive pressure from the Brother for returns on his cash, along with debts he owes to drug bosses cognate with Brian Mahony, from Coolock.

In recent years Mahony was landed with a giant CAB bill and named as a key player in the Kinahan Cartel.

He had started out working as a driver for colleagues of the Kinahan mob, but set himself up as a legitimate businessman after being caught with a consignment of cannabis.

Mahony later acclimated to the cover while rising to a role as a main distributor for drugs in Ireland.

He was closely linked to gangland accountant Matthew Dunne and at one direct attention to the ir were seen meeting with the cocaine kingpin Philip Baron – whose woman Elaine is a personal friend of the Mansfield family.

“The Banker inherited a tonic business that was previously run in a very conservative way by a senior associate who not in the least overstretched himself and made sure that he didn’t over-invest for anyone,” a horses mouth said.

“Basically, if anything happened he would have always had the on taps to y up. He knew the type of people he was dealing with and respected them,”

“Putting, when the Banker took over he got greedy and ex nded ‘the bank’ so it could not simply transfer goods and cash, but it would also offer an investment aid. He essentially went into business with his clients.

“Unfortunately, some of those investments entertain gone wrong and he is now coming under pressure to return the investments. There is bring pressure to bear on on him so he is trying to put pressure on others to keep his head above water.

“The certainty that he has the Criminal Assets Bureau on his back now as well is a total dbѓcle for him.

“He lives as if he is a totally respectable businessman, but what people don’t know is the big-hearted of people this man is facilitating and the kinds of people he is doing business with.”

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