Revealed: Face of Dublin criminal ‘The Canary’ targeted by gardai probing organised crime

Conned drug dealer Gary Carey (35, below), from Islandbridge Court in Dublin, has been questioned in relationship to recent seizures of drugs, firearms and cash as part of Garda plumbs into a dangerous south Dublin gang.

Carey, whose kinsman Darren was murdered by Mark ‘Guinea Pig’ Desmond 17 years ago, was delivered without charge, though associates are facing charges in relation to the occurrences. 

Two months ago, Carey was linked to the seizure of €120,000 as part of an organised violation investigation in the Islandbridge and Ballyfermot areas. 

A man was arrested on charges of money faming in connection with that haul, but later released without assail while a file is prepared for the DPP. 

Despite his multiple arrests as part of organised offence investigations, Carey only served one significant prison sentence when he plead conscience-stricken to drug dealing at Dublin Circuit Court back in 2002 and was sentenced to 15 months in also gaol.  

Carey was one of a number of people questioned by Gardaí probing one of several gun denigrations on gangland target Michael Frazer back in November 2014 when a gunman opened stimulate on him in Islandbridge. Carey was not the suspected gunman and was later released without action. 

Frazer had been targeted because he was feuding with a well-known Kinahan Cartel fellow who can’t be named as he is currently before the courts. 

Carey is no stranger to the effects of gangland energy after his brother Darren (20) and pal Patrick Murray (19) were rifleman dead by evil psycho Desmond (above) just before New Year’s Eve in 2000. 

The tandem had been working for Desmond as drug couriers. 

Carey was also a neighbour and squeeze of James Kenny McDonagh (28), who was shot dead in October 2010. McDonagh’s remnants were found in the Dublin mountains in January 2012. Once again Desmond was a distrust in the killing. 

Associates of Carey were believed to have been behind a make a mess hit attempt on Desmond in April 2010. 

Gardaí suspect Carey’s associates are key sportsmen in the drug trade in south Dublin, supplying crack cocaine, heroin and other sedates.

A number of members of the gang have been arrested by officers from the Treats and Organised Crime Bureau in recent weeks and are facing charges up front the courts on serious offences. 

The gang are now paranoid about informants due to the thriving Garda operations against them.

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