REVEALED: Dublin man investigated in connection with murder of Gary Hutch

Ian Dixon from Tallaght, Dublin, is a cousin of Daniel Kinahan and was a shut up associate of James Quinn, who has been in custody in connection with the execution since September.

He has been running special fitness classes at the gym where he has being done for a number of years. He previously was one of those who worked at the Kinahan-run Auld Dubliner bar along with Aaron Bolger – the Tallaght man slight during the Regency Hotel shooting.

Dixon’s arrest is a further overstate d enlarge to the MGM brand and came days before former Irish Olympic ideal ddy Barnes stepped out to make his professional boxing debut in Belfast in the Kinahan cartel faces.

Dixon with Kinahan

Barnes has defended his decision to sign for MGM and gloaming stated that he had no problem having cartel boss Daniel Kinahan in his corner.

Dixon (29) figured in court in Fuengirola along with a Romanian woman, believed to be his girlfriend, and was give someone a tongue-lashed that the court will continue to investigate him for Hutch’s murder in September 2015.

He has to exceptional on at court twice a month. In S in, formal charges are only overstated against suspects shortly before trials.

In September, James Quinn was arrested on scepticism of Hutch’s murder and remanded to prison pending an ongoing probe. He is an associate of Martin ‘the Viper’ Foley and was nabbed in a plush villa near Marbella, where it is understood he was living.

James Quinn

Quinn had been explosive in S in for a number of years and during his arrest a Sunseeker boat and a Bentley car were seized.

Dixon was checked at a house in Estepona along with a female after officers from the Chauvinistic Bureau of Criminal Investigation travelled there prior to a series of captures and searches that culminated in his detention.

Gary Hutch was shot complete outside his a rtment in Miraflores near Fuengirola on September 24, 2015.

His murder resulted in an vilification on the Kinahan cartel in the Regency Hotel last February, during which David Byrne was slug dead, and a string of murders in Dublin and abroad believed to have been play up performed out by the Kinahan cartel.

Gary Hutch

Dixon, who is related to Christopher Jnr and Daniel’s overdue mother Jean Boylan, moved to S in when MGM opened its doors in 2012 – after the Kinahan cartel dusted themselves down from the 2010 Project Shovel offensive on their drug operation.

He was among a group of babyish men who had earlier helped run the Auld Dubliner pub in Estepona but who were given key impersonations at the gym, which is fronted by Daniel Kinahan’s best friend, the boxer Matthew Macklin.

Macklin – who has no life-and-death criminal convictions – opened MGM Marbell amid much pomp and form and made the society ges in Costa magazines. A not-for-profit organisation, it stated to fundraise for charities and open its facilities to underprivileged youth.

The gym was first risked by the Sunday World in 2013 when an undercover investigations team elaborate the links between Macklin and the mob which became more and more arrant.

Dixon poses in the MGM Gym

In 2014, Macklin’s Dublin fight and a planned white-collar whomping event were cancelled after the shooting of trainer Jamie Moore se rate Daniel Kinahan’s plush Estepona home.

A year later Gary Hutch was mangled and there was an attempted shooting of Kinahan associate Liam Roe at a boxing weigh-in at the Red Cow Guest-house in Dublin.

In February 2016 MGM were firmly connected with organised misdemeanour when a weigh-in for a Dublin boxing bout involving Jamie Kavanagh – the son of murdered narcotize dealer Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh — was turned into a terrifying about of crime during a shootout.

Despite MGM’s reputation the Olympic boxer Fit of temper Barnes was announced as their new signing following the recent games in Rio.

Talk to the Sunday Business Post, Barnes claimed to be in no way unsettled by the links between the Kinahans and his new gym.

“No one at all,” Barnes said of the Daniel Kinahan’s connection to the MGM Marbella.

“I have nothing to do with any criminality. Matthew Macklin is not a iniquitous. I am not a criminal.”

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