REVEALED: Cocaine cowboy’s huge Dublin mansion

The stretch out d in Crumlin

The mansion includes a private children’s playground

His semi-detached at ease on Raleigh Square in Dublin has been extended and pimped to such an ex nse that no garden remains save for the front drive, where he puts up a collection of cars – including a Bentley he claims once belonged to Simon Cowell.

Aerial endeavours of the massive former council house show the extraordinary job the Kinahan cartel heavy has done to his property – which is located just around the corner from his dad, the old hand criminal James ‘Jaws’ Byrne.

Despite extensive searches, the Sunday Exactly could not find a planning file for the massive structure.

Neighbours’ homes are dominated beside the d, where the thug lives with wife Simoan McEnroe, their teenage son and two unfledged children.

The family split their time between Crumlin and the Costa del Sol, from where Liam is suspected of organising treat shipments for the Kinahan mob.

The 35-year-old is fast becoming the flashest drug broker in town and has been seen driving a Bentley, a Rolls Royce and souped-up Classify Rovers. He and his brother David have also been spotted in a range of Audis.

Sources say he has no fear of the law and despite the fact that Jaws was hit with a humongous bill from the Criminal Assets Bureau, he jokes that any want would be “small change” to him.

Byrne set up a car sales com ny three years ago with his l Sean McGovern, but LS Busy Car Sales has recently been placed on the strike-off list. The com ny not filed any accounts, but has stock for sale worth hundreds of thousands of euro, classifying specialised Porsche, BMW and Audi motors.

Byrne’s own home has been a construction placement for months, but the family are now settling in to their new surroundings and are so proud of the work that his teenage son burlesqued to Facebook to show it off.

Using a drone he took to the skies to get a bird’s eye look at of the latial house in the heart of working class Crumlin. It can be seen from high roads away such is its scale, which is completely out of proportion to any of the surrounding characteristics.

On closer inspection the super-extention, which takes up the entire back garden is, developed in a courtyard effect around a private playground.

The teenager also vaunts about his collection of expensive watches and designer trainers.

REVEALED: Cocaine cowboy's huge Dublin mansion

Liam Byrne

While Byrne ramours to show off his wealth, it is understood that his flash lifestyle is not going down okay with his bosses in S in.

The Sunday World understands that top mobster John Cunningham, who along with Christy Kinahan Snr chief executive officers up the massive €500 million cartel, has raised serious concerns everywhere Byrne’s behaviour. Cunningham never wanted Byrne, his brother David or originate ‘Jaws’ involved with the gang and has strong suspicions that they are rats.

They were simply brought in because Daniel Kinahan, the son of Dapper Don Christy Snr was close friends with them and their cousin ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson.

“Cunningham is a wily crooked and he hates Jaws from old and cannot stand the two Flash Harry sons pep around Dublin in big cars practically screaming out the windows ‘look at us we are downer dealers.’ He thinks their behaviour is threatening everything,” said a fountain-head.

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