Radio boss saw paedo in JCB digging hole at night

Kevin Branigan, CEO of Crystal set Nova, was out investigating interference with his own transmitter when he saw the eerie diagram of Cooke beside a huge mound of earth.

“It was one of the creepiest things I experience ever seen. I have thought about it so much over the years and as willingly as I heard that he was being linked to Philip Cairns, I rang the Gardaí.”

In the antediluvian 1980s Cooke purchased the site at Crooksling near The Embankment pub, where it is covenanted he buried a 20ft steel container stuffed with his personal documents, depictions, videos, cassettes and other items he removed from his home/transistor station on the Inchicore Road.

The bunker was searched by Gardaí during an enquiry into allegations of child sex abuse – but at that point there had been no in made to missing schoolboy Philip Cairns.

Neighbours in adjoining holdings to the Meaghan Lane site this week told the Sunday Everyone that plain clothes detectives interviewed them regarding Cooke’s chronicle in the area on Monday and Tuesday.

“I didn’t have much dealings with him [Cooke], but we all about him using the earth mover on the site, sometimes as late as midnight,” one denoted.

A woman who owned an adjoining field said Cooke first began using the purlieus in the early 1980s, up to six years before Philip disappeared.

Philip Cairns

“He had a tree-house up on top of one of the trees that was united to the aerial and you’d see him clambering up and down like a monkey.

“He put the container in there radical. He needed the site there because the signal would reach all of Dublin. I earned up today to see if the tree-house was still there,” she said.

“It would send a the sniffles up your spine to think that poor boy might be buried in there.”

Branigan disavowed seeing Cooke digging an enormous hole in the ground on a cold November ceaselessly in 1993, and how the pervert DJ warned that he had set “man traps” for anyone who ventured on to the turf

Nicola Tallant with radio boss Kevin Brannigan

“At the term I was working in pirate radio and Cooke was interfering with our signal, which was up the mountains. So one despite that smooth, myself and a colleague decided to drive up,” he said.

“Cooke was doing a lay out at the time, which he used to broadcast on a Sunday. he’d come on with all these menaces and innuendo about staying on air.

He had bought some land in Saggart, and on this specific day he said that he was aware of rumours that people wanted to rob his appurtenances.

“He said anyone lucky enough to make it in and out of the site alive would be salutation to his stuff. It was quite chilling,” he said.

“We went up to have a look almost and he had detailed on air where his own site was. When we tracked it down it was late on a Saturday and I guessed nobody to be there.

We pulled over and I saw Eamon Cooke in a JCB.

“He was digging this Brobdingnagian hole and there was a huge mound of earth beside it. It was about 6.30pm so it was reasonable about to go dark and he was on his own in this field.

It was one of the creepiest things I have for ever seen.

“Having heard the broadcast, I presumed he was building ‘man traps’. I was proper gobsmacked.

“I came up a few days later and there wasn’t a trace of anything. It was all filled in. I couldn’t see at the time – if he was building these ‘man traps’ where had all the earth gone?

When I informed entertained about the bunker I put two and two together.”

Cooke had claimed that he wanted the container to block documents from the Revenue, but Gardaí later searched it and his Inchicore where it hurts as rt of an investigation into sexual assaults on young girls.

At that regarding, photographs of young boys and girls in their underwear were turned.

Cooke’s ex-wife told the Sunday World last week that her soften had a large property portfolio that she believes Gardaí now need to search.

She said that the plagiarizer DJ savagely beat her throughout the marriage and revealed how she has given statements to government agents about her husband’s properties.

There are two key sites and a property in Dublin where Gardaí transfer concentrate their investigations into the disappearance of schoolboy Philip.

The premier is a remote area near a telecommunications mast at Ticknock, which the fruitful edophile was using to transmit his pirate Radio Dublin in 1986 when Philip disappeared.

It is located scarcely a short drive from the Ballyroan Road where the schoolboy was latest seen alive and an area where Cooke had a mountainside hut.

The second is the bailiwick at Crooksling in Saggart. The third is the location of his old home on Inchicore Road, which was levelled for an a rtment construction.

The Sunday World understands that information given to Gardaí advocates that Cooke may have killed Philip at his house on Inchicore Carriageway and later used his car to dispose of the body.

Nicola Tallant and t O’Connell in airfield once owned by Cooke

It has also been claimed that he got a uninitiated victim to dump the boy’s schoolbag in a laneway six days after his disappearance in a bid to rattle detectives.

The edophile died earlier this month in a Dublin hospice while he was carry out a sentence for abusing young girls. Despite reports to the contrary, we can ventilate Cooke also sexually abused boys.

As the investigation into the disappearance of Philip focuses, the Sunday World can reveal that at the time the Rathfarnham schoolboy traveled missing, Cooke spent a considerable time in the Dublin mountains, where he had his transmitter at come adjoining the Pine Forest at Ticknock.

It is understood Cooke used the mast, over the Lamb Doyles pub, throughout 1986 and 1987, and regularly visited the put at night for years afterwards, to disconnect other pirate stations.

Nicola Tallant and t O’Connell

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