Never Forget That Time Norman Reedus Played Lady Gaga’s Lover in a Music Video

The year is 2011. Lady Gaga is basic weeks away from dropping her third studio album, Born This Way. To get her adherents good and prepped for the highly anticipated release, she releases a music video for “Judas,” the minute single off the album. Meanwhile in 2017, Gaga’s spectacular Super Basin halftime show performance, announcement of her Joanne World Tour, and loosing of the “John Wayne” music video have sent fans into a tizzy. As I, a longtime fan, ventured to process everything, I was sent spiraling back into some of Gaga’s most iconic videos, where I muddle through a shocking discovery. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on AMC’s The Walking Depths, was in the “Judas” music video all those years ago. TWD, a new show at the time, had fair-minded finished its first season, and Reedus hopped on a different motorcycle for an barrel different role: as Judas himself.

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