Christy Kinahan’s ex-wife shacks up with Hell’s Angel family killer

Jacqueline Johanna Kallenbach linked Kinahan in 2001 and the two managed a slew of businesses together from their UK bolthole.

Together they drove tanning and beauty salons, a car dealership, construction and development firms and connotation – export companies.

The two were also joint owners of UK company The Queer Cat Ltd, at the same time Daniel Kinahan – who professed to be an antiques restorer – ran a affair of the same name in Dublin.

Jacqueline Johanna Kallenbach

Kinahan and Kallenbach hang out with c wandered their separate ways in 2007 and Kallenbach shacked up with conned killer Louis Hagemann (60).

Hagemann, a former Hell’s Angel biker, was imprisoned for life in 2005 for the 1984 killing of his ex-girlfriend and her two young kids.

Kallenbach and Hagermann on their allying day

He was also in court for the 1985 murder of Irish woman Joanne Wilson – but was acquitted due to need of evidence.

Weeks after she vanished, Joanne’s torso and left leg were establish in a canal in Amsterdam,

A year earlier Hagemann slaughtered Dutch mum Corina Bolhaar and her young men Sharon and Donna.

The brute, who is known by Dutch police for helping to curb the movement of drugs thought out the country, served time for bank pinching, aggravated assault, fleeing from prison, arms and drugs put someone down take umbrages and was jailed for six-years for raping his girlfriend in 1998.

Kallenbach is believed to still be in drink with the Kinahans having sent a Christmas message to Christy’s precious son Daniel Kinahan. 

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