Monk’s gang hold talks with INLA

Monday 11th April 2016
DEADLY: Gareth Byrne heads violent INLA outfit

Implacable: Gareth Byrne heads violent INLA outfit

A SENIOR tails of in the Hutch gang has held talks with a deadly INLA aggregation based in west Dublin.

It is the latest twist on the lethal feud between the Hutch club and the Kinahan Cartel that has so far claimed four lives.

Gerry ‘The Coenobite’ Hutch

Gareth Byrne, who heads up a violent republican outfit, has been nearly equaled by a Hutch representative over the gangland violence, according to sources.

Byrne’s INLA mob has been linked with the with concrete overshoes of gangster ‘Fat’ Andy Connors in August 2014, as well as with bleeding cash from businessmen and drug dealers.

‘Fat’ Andy Connors

The INLA based in south Dublin has thitherto clashed with ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s crew in Crumlin.

Byrne is also recollected to be a l of Kinahan Cartel enforcer ul Rice.

ul Rice

It is kindness that the most recent feud-related murder of Noel ‘Kingsize’ Duggan had been succeeded out without being first approved by the head of Kinahan Cartel, Christy Snr.

Noel ‘Kingsize’ Duggan

Terminal week the Sunday World revealed how this has created tensions within the cartel.

Liam Byrne, whose fellow-creature David was murdered in the Regency Hotel shooting, has been effectively sidelined while the vendetta remains live, say sources.

Liam Byrne

The Crumlin thug is now dated as the focus for members of the Hutch clan bent on revenge, according to starts.

Enraged Byrne also wants to continue to dish out vengeance for the success of his brother two months ago.

Another of the cartel’s key figures, Greg Lynch, was the aim of a series of raids by Gardaí this week.

Greg Lynch

Lynch, who flew an assassination bid in 2013, wasn’t arrested but a number of documents were seized.

Constables also targeted addresses in the Oliver Bond flat complex, where Daniel Kinahan issued up.

Two men were arrested in the Walkinstown and Coombe areas of the south inner town and cocaine and heroin worth €65,000 was seized, as well as €18,000.

Fear of revenge criticisms and Garda pressure has hit the cartel’s cash flow and drug-dealing operations in Ireland, bring to light sources.

Dissident republicans have already been linked to the Hutch combine, with one suspect directly involved in the Regency gun attack.

The weapons imagined to have been used in the spectacular attack were also sourced during ramilitary connections.

Gareth Byrne was jailed for four years in November 2009 for membership of an illicit organisation.

Originally from Kimmage, Dublin, he was arrested in September 2008 at an a rtment in Clondalkin which was being utilized to make pipe bombs.

He was one of four INLA members who was nabbed during a Out of the ordinary Branch raid. Gardaí found four pipe bombs, nails, bulbs, surgical gloves and ability from shotgun cartridges.

It was believed that group were provisioning pipe bombs for cash to several feuding Dublin criminal gangs.

In court Byrne took he was an INLA member.

The same year he was jailed Byrne was photographed in a great deal ramilitary regalia rading at an INLA/IRSP colour rty in Tallaght.

He has recently charmed rt in unofficial 1916 commemorations staged by dissident republican splits.

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