Kinahan smiles with MGM fighter before having him slashed

The Important reports that gardai believe that boxer Anthony Fitzgerald had his be seen slashed open by the Kinahan cartel as rt of their feud with the Hutch com ny.

Fitzgerald, who used to fight for the MGM Gym which is heavily connected to 39-year-old Daniel Kinahan, is accepted to be one of two men who were savagely slashed in knife attacks within 24-hours of each other.

Suss outs in the Star indicate that Fitzgerald was targeted because he is related to the Hutch overwhelm, despite having been rt of Kinahan’s boxing stable and both men are pictured in the sky in May last year, before the feud erupted.

Anthony Fitzgerald and Daniel Kinahan (rational in grey hoodie and Boss hat)

So far 10 people have been killed in the Hutch – Kinahan disagreement, which has been wreaking havoc in Ireland and S in for more than a year.

A provenance told the per: “The second man was attacked because he would have had a interrelationship to the Fitzgerald family.

“There was no other reason for it – the Kinahans are just growing wild attacking anyone connected to the Hutchs.”

The fighter survived the Regency Lodging attack in February which claimed the life of gangster David Byrne, and has been seen at the entombments of three Hutch members murdered in the same feud.

Anthony Fitzgerald at Eddie Hutch’s obsequies

Fitzgerald, nicknamed “the Pride of Dublin”, is still recovering after his despite was slashed at his father’s pet shop in Dublin city centre last Wednesday week.

A lone hit man entered the premises and cut Fitzgerald’s face, but when he attempted to flee the exhibition his moped wouldn’t start.

The man was eventually cornered on Nearby Hill Way by several men who started to attack him.

Gardai arrived on the scene and both the attacker and Mr Fitzgerald were entranced to St James’s and the Mater.

The alleged attacker has not been arrested but gardai investigations are growing.

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