Irish knicker thief had been robbing panties since 1995

Friday 22nd April 2016
Irish knicker thief had been robbing nties since 1995

A robber, who is motivated by his fetish for women’s underwear, has been banned from Galway metropolis and county by a judge for robbing undies.

The court heard that Gerard Lee, from Killeen Woods, Tralee, Co Kerry, had been beat iting knickers since 1995.

Lee had also broken a victim’s €500 hat in a rage because he didn’t own one delight in it himself.

The lingerie loving bandit pleaded guilty at Galway Locality Court yesterday to burglary at a home in Forster Court, Galway on the 1st of August endure year.

Lee also pleaded guilty to burglary at a house at The Elms, Forster Byway someones cup of tea, last July and to handling a woman’s purse, knowing it was stolen.

The court heeded that fetish driven robber entered the house at Forster Court result of an unlocked back door and took a number of items of ladies’ underwear and togging and various other articles.

He was caught by a tenant and held until gardai reached.

His car was searched and other items were recovered, including a Samsung capsule in a rucksack that was taken in a burglary the previous night at The Elms.

Lee was also base in possession of a woman’s purse which he said he found.

The court informed entertained that the under nts bandit had 31 previous convictions.

“The genesis for all these burglaries and comportment is an underlying psycho-sexual disease,” said he defence solicitor Ronan Murphy.

He convenient a GP and psychological report to the court which he said would give some judgement into the behaviour.

“This has been going on for 21-years. It’s cost him his hook-up,” Mr Murphy said.

The court heard that Lee had attended counselling.

In any case, Judge Mary Fahey said “he’s been stealing ladies’ underwear as far without hope as 195. It’s now 2016.”

“That is a fetish now that if he was getting help for, surely it make have abated by now. “

She remanded him on bail to appear again in July and calm him to y €500 compensation for the broken hat.

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