Infamous gangland leader forced to transfer prison after vicious row

‘Red’ Larry McCarthy has been shipped out of the Midlands Big house after other gangsters refused to back him up in a row, according to sources.

He was scalded with hot the finest thrown at him by another inmate who blamed McCarthy for being behind an take on to slash him with a ‘shiv’ earlier this week.

However, when McCarthy count oned fellow mobsters ‘Fat’ John McCarthy and David ‘Frog Eyes’ Stanners to disown his revenge plans he was left disappointed, according to Sunday World fountain-heads.

Neither men wanted anything to do with his plans to mete out a punishment strike, it’s claimed.

Fat John is serving a 14-year-sentence after being caught avocation heroin in the city in 2012, while Stanners is doing life for his ingredient in the 2003 murder of Kieran Keane 

Both men would have been marked members of the infamous McCarthy mob, who have terrorised Limerick for decades.

“There is a take place that something could happen on the outside because of this – we’ll ethical have to wait and see,” a source told the Sunday World.

Red Larry has now been turn overed to another jail, according to sources.

He is in custody awaiting trial at the Faithful Criminal Court for threatening to kill his sister’s father-in-law.

McCarthy, who spit up 10 years in a U.K. prison for weapons possession, is charged with foreboding to kill Noel Moore in Limerick on July 28, 2015.

McCarthy has been behind bars since stand up year after threatening to shoot Moore and threatening to burn down his homestead.

It was heard in court that Moore, a well-known market trader in the see, had not wanted the case to go ahead. 

Moore had contacted Red Larry’s father, Larry McCarthy postpositive major, to tell him he was not in fear of his son, despite allegedly making a statement to Gardaí, a court ascertained. The

Director of Public Prosecution opted to bring charges against McCarthy and the box has been referred to the jury-less Special Criminal Court for hearing.

A detective reproved one court hearing that Larry McCarthy is the head of the McCarthy-Dundon organisation and has be versed links to criminals around the country and to criminals on an international level.

The detective also commanded Mr Moore told him he was terrified of Larry McCarthy and that he believed McCarthy arranged an immediate and viable threat to Noel Moore.

He has ready access to firearms and can persevere b manage out the alleged threat he made, the detective added in court.

Despite Garda arguments, McCarthy was given eight hours temporary release from Nautical brig to attend his son’s Communion in Limerick earlier this year.

He was kept supervised close observation by Gardaí and the family occasion went off without a join.

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