Index of fear: What are Russians most afraid of?

Russians’ utter fears remain the threat of war and inflation, while family troubles are the least distress. These findings are the results of a survey conducted by the Russian Public Belief Research Center (VCIOM).

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An “index of fears” developed by sociologists overshadows those things that Russians are afraid of most. The index is cadenced in points, ranging from negative 100 to 100. The higher the count, the more likely something appears to be a problem.

Most Russians canvassed are afraid of war and international conflicts, but the number decreased to 14 points in December matched to 23 points in January 2016.

The index showing fears of inflation and call on savings was also at 2016’s lowest in December with 10 cores versus 19 points at the start of that year.

VCIOM’s make a beeline for head up of research, Mikhail Mamonov, said the survey clearly showed that December was one of the uncountable tranquil months of 2016. This was largely due to stability on the foreign swop market, and because Russians were happy with the government’s declarations that it sought peace, reported Regnum news agency. 

The VCIOM voting was conducted on Dec. 24-25 among 1,600 people in 130 Russian cities and cities. 

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