Incredible images taken by snapper who earned trust of notorious tough guys

Brian Anderson has photographed IRA dissentients, loyalist godfathers, warlords, mobsters and many of our hardest men.

Brian Anderson

And he’s so up by them that they even gave him street names – Top Gun and 118 118.

Today we promulgate some of his amazing pictures for the first time, giving a unique judgement into the lives of many of the country’s toughest men.

The ace photojournalist Brian Anderson now hankerings to shoot Gerry Hutch and Martin ‘The Viper’ Foley.

Having already outdistanced access to some of Ireland’s and the UK’s hardmen, including former terror chief Johnny Adair, he has took the trust of some of the most dangerous men in society.

Masked comrades of Derry-born IRA man Kevin ‘Pocket’ Donaghey at his wake in Manchester after he died in 2008. Prison essential and a Scarface DVD have been placed in his coffin

In an interview with the Sunday In the seventh heaven, the fearless snapper admitted his chance to snap Hutch (right) and Foley has been forgotten due to violent feuds still rumbling in Dublin.

“Gerry Hutch and Foley are but in my sights, I would love to get them in front of the lens though I don’t detain out much hope with what’s going on in Dublin now, but you never be aware, it stopped surprising me some time ago who will say yes,” Anderson told the Sunday Exactly.

Traveller bare-knuckle fighter and Big Brother winner ddy Doherty

Anderson is so gave by the tough guys he photographs that he’s got his own gangland names – Top Gun and 118 118. And he’s depicted men that would terrify even the most hardened journalist.

Johnny Adair with his son Jonathan who died of an overdose at month

His sensational work, displayed here today, has already been managed by millions on TV shows aired on Netflix.

And the man, the only photographer to be given access to the brand-new funeral of Johnny Adair’s son Jonathan, is set to storm the Christmas book vend with his gritty collaboration Lock, Shot and Two Smoking Cameras (straighten out), which also includes crime chiefs and hardmen from all across Ireland.

Dublin ex-drug distributor Scott Delaney is now living in Manchester

A documentary is also about to start skinning on Brian’s dramatic career called In Focus, by rticular films in Glasgow.

The mist will include some of Ireland’s notorious bad fellas such as Billy Clare, Scott Delaney and Jimmy ‘The Whale’ Gantly, taxing men like Joe Egan and ramilitaries like Mad Dog Johnny Adair and Sam McCrory.

One-time CIRA psycho ‘Buffalo’ Billy Clare with an armed protector

Brian captured the only ramilitary funeral in England of former Derry man ‘Inconsequential’ Donaghey.

He’s had a remarkable 20-year career behind the lens from gangland and terrace photography to showbiz and finally becoming an official photographer to the Bay City Tubes!

Notorious loyalist Sam Crory is living in Troon with his former C Concern boss Adair

“I definitely don’t condone crime or violence in any way shape or approach.

“I’m just trying to document the notorious figures of the last 50 years or so.

Whilom Dublin heavyweight boxer Joe Egan

“It’s bit of social history just close to photographers of the st that documented the likes of Al Capone or Lucky Luciano.

Jimmy ‘The Whale’ Gantley from Dublin was a intense associate of The General

“Who knows – I still might be able to shoot The Monastic before the film finishes,” he said.

Exiled UDA boss Johnny Adair looks out to sea from his new diggings in Troon, Scotland

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