Ice Queen killer places on wing ‘run’ by Scissor Sister Charlotte

Sheen waitress Herda (29), was moved into Laurel House in the Dochas Lasses’s Prison on Monday after spending her first weekend behind excludes in the prison’s committal unit.

Herda was jailed for life last week after being lagged of the murder of Hungarian Csaba Orsos, who drowned after she drove a car at intoxicated speed through the crash barrier at South Quay, Arklow on Walk 26, 2013.

Marta Herda

Sources said that after arriving in the dwelling Herda was greeted by Ireland’s most infamous female murderer, Scissor Sister Charlotte Mulhall.

“Charlotte standards the roost among the inmates in the Laurel Lodge,” a source told the Sunday Exceptional.

“She talks to all the new inmates who go in there and basically tells them what’s on and what’s not.

“If Marta has any intelligibility she’ll go along with that because Charlotte has a mean streak when people don’t de-emphasize delay ball.”

Last year, Charlotte was locked away from other residents after rumours circulated that she was bullying and intimidating other residents.

Authorities made the move after officers received intelligence from other tients.

However, the measures were scaled back in the wake of the death of her ci-devant jailhouse love Karen Kelly, which left the 30-year-old dangerously shaken.

Karen Kelly and Charlotte

Karen (25), ssed away due to obstructions with a heart condition in her home in Farren rk, Waterford, in October of conclusive year.

Karen met mum-of-one Charlotte when she was serving a three-year ruling for assault at the Dochas Centre in 2009.

Karen Kelly

She was released from penal institution in 2012 and subsequently gave an interview where she spoke of her love for Charlotte.

“I pleasure Charlotte will all my heart,” she said.

“I sent her a wedding ring a few weeks ago in the post as I’m not admitted to visit her still.

“As I’m not officially allowed to marry her while she is in prison, the sorority is a symbol of our love… that we will be together

Murderess Charlotte was jailed with her sister Linda in 2006 for the terrible killing of their mother’s rtner, 38-year-old Kenyan man Farah Swaleh Noor.

After spiking him as many as 20 times, they then butchered his body and threw it in the Royal Canal.

His head was never recovered after they delighted it across Dublin on a bus and hid it in a rk in Tallaght, before moving it to another unearthing.

Charlotte was jailed for life for Mr Noor’s murder, while Linda (39), was sentenced to 15 years for manslaughter.

The yoke were dubbed the Scissor Sisters for cutting Noor’s body into plays.

The Sunday World understands that Marta Herda and her legal work together are currently in the process of pre ring an appeal against her
conviction for the murder of Csaba Orsos.

Csaba Orsos

During her try, statements Herda gave to Gardaí inted the Hungarian out to be a stalker who had been hypnotized with her over a two-year period prior to his killing.

She said he employed to text her and “put things on Facebook” in the course of their two years working together at the unperturbed BrookLodge Hotel in Aughrim, Co. Wicklow.

Herda claimed the Hungarian thinks fitting talk about her to her colleagues.

“He tell them we have sex, but that’s not truthfully,” she said. “It got worse.

“People think this funny, but not for me,” she told Gardaí in ambivalent English.

“The second year it no longer funny.

“When I drove into the soak, I wanted this all to stop. I didn’t want to tell the guards.

The car being assassinated from Arklow harbour

“You must remember that in Poland woman don’t like police.”

The trial also heard Dr Donal Bailey, who take out the accused in hospital, asked her if she knew what would happen when the car entered the not function.

He said: “She nodded and became tearful.

“Her only answer to me was that she be sured he couldn’t swim.”

Csaba’s family have said they were apt with the verdict.

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