Gardai probe sick fiend’s ‘sex with drugged girl’ tape

Craig ‘Skrag’ Reilly from Drogheda, Co. Louth, can be financed on the shocking five-minute video performing sex acts on a seemingly unconscious uninitiated woman, who is described on the video’s title as ‘drugged.’

The video, recorded on a stationary camera, starts with a naked Reilly entering a bedroom in which the woman is seen to be slumber.

He then removes the duvet before perpetrating a series of sex acts – too lifelike to print – on her.

Throughout the ordeal, the woman appears utterly unresponsive, in defiance of the extent and physicality of convicted criminal Reilly’s acts.

On a number of incidents Reilly can be seen striking the woman in the face.

Reilly (30), has a famous reputation among women in Drogheda and has been monitored for years by Gardaí because of his masochistic st.

Confronted by the Sunday World this week, Reilly sought: “Am I breaking any laws? No, so f**k off and get a real story, ye pr**k.”

Asked why the girl in the video had been give an account ofed on the pornography site as ‘drugged’, Reilly did not respond.

The shocking video is set to deceive calls for Ireland to follow other EU countries – like Germany and the UK – to ban misdesignated ‘rape pornography’.

Pitbull enthusiast Reilly, who describes himself as a bop music producer, is well-known to Gardaí in Drogheda.

He was previously investigated in connecting with a series of allegations of sexual assaults and harassment.

A source ordered that women in the Co. Louth town are terrified of him and that Gardaí give birth to kept a close watch on his movements for years.

The sex fiend was described as be enduring a sinister st, which has lead him to be shunned by many of his neighbours.

The Sunday People has now ssed on details of the horrific video to Gardaí in Drogheda, who are investigating.

Originators confirmed officers were contacted about the contents of the video in week.

“The video is the subject of a full Garda investigation,” the source know scolded the Sunday World.

“The Gardaí are taking this very seriously.”

The title of ‘rape pornography’ videos is already illegal in England, Scotland and Wales, but no such legislation is in purposes in Ireland.

Cliona Saidléar of Rape Crisis Network Ireland told the Sunday Times a deliver the issue of rape pornography should “be dealt with under law”.

Craig’s twisted porn

“The Gardaí extremity to be empowered to deal with this,” she said. “Should an individual engage a criminal act and film it, then this can be dealt with under the law control the offence in question.

“If someone is claiming to be depicting a rape for the purposes of procreant gratification, then that is hugely problematic.”

Reilly has appeared in court on dozens of chances for offences ranging from violent assault, threatening, insulting and vilifying behaviour and intoxication in a public place.

In May 2014 he was sentenced to 18 months in reformatory for a shocking assault during which he broke a young actor’s nose in a every once in a while attack.

In total, Reilly has 47 previous convictions, including lay into, drugs, firearms and criminal damage

The Sunday World understands a com ny of residents in the estate where Reilly lives approached the local convention a number of years ago in a bid to have him rehoused.

One revealed: “There was talk of erstwhile incidents so a number of us went to the council and asked if they were rest to be true could they move him on. They said they had no judge to take any action.

“The emergence of this tape leads us to believe we were not being led astray with what we were berated at the time.”


Rape porn laws

The possession of ravish pornography is illegal in England, Scotland and Wales.

In Scotland, possession of “extremity” pornography has been outlawed since 2010.

This includes depictions of rapine, and “other non-consensual penetrative sexual activity, whether violent or if not”, including those involving consenting adults and images that were faked. The peak penalty is an unlimited fine and three years imprisonment.

In England and Wales obscenity which depicts rape (including simulations involving consenting grown-ups) was made illegal in 2015.

The introduction of a new law was first announced in 2013 by the U.K. Prime Support David Cameron

He stated that pornography that depicts simulated defloration “normalises sexual violence against women”.

In February 2015, De rtment 16 of the Criminal Justice Act 2015 amended existing legislation to criminalise the possess oneself of of pornographic imagery depicting acts of rape. The law only applies to consensual, simulated, delusion material.

No such legislation exists in Ireland.

Cliona Saidléar of Plunder Crisis Network Ireland told the Sunday World that sacking pornography should be made illegal in Ireland.

“It feeds into a cultivation that sees women identified as sexual objects with the infliction of torture, humiliation and degradation being depicted for sexual gratification.”


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