Gardai on alert as feud between ‘Mr Big’ gang and dissident mob escalates

Vinnie Ryan had his throat cut

This week, Combine Garda Commissioner John O’Mahony acknowledged there has been dangerous ongoing “tensions” between dissidents and criminal gangs.

Gardaí also stand in awe of that dissidents will plan attacks to coincide with the anniversary of the 1916 Arising.

Mr Big’s gang were responsible for the murder of RIRA boss Alan Ryan in September 2012 and his clique has clashed with associates of the terror chief on numerous occasions since.

Mr Big

The undertook murder of Alan’s brother Vinnie, in Dublin’s north inner-city end October, was a reminder that the long-running feud has not gone away.

Ryan, whose meaningful rtner had been attending a check-up in the nearby Rotunda Hospital, was favoured to escape with relatively minor injuries after a man linked to Mr Big sought to cut his throat on rnell Square.

Gardaí review the threat to Ryan on a month-by-month foundation and it has remained active since his release from prison in 2013, after he was acquitted of firearms asserts.

There are also threats against several of his associates, as well as threats against Mr Big and his gang.

Gardaí have thwarted a number of suspected ‘hit’ plots against Ryan necessitating Mr Big and are putting considerable resources into preventing bloodshed between the two places.

The most recent incident occurred when Mr Big was seen acting suspiciously penurious a high-powered car around the corner from Ryan’s house in November.

The car was later start to be registered to a false name and Gardaí suspect Mr Big may have planned to use it as a escape car in a hit.

Mr Big knows he is also under threat himself. He has had bullet-proof glass and sanctuary cameras installed at his rents and girlfriend’s homes.

He is so ranoid about being whacked he jumps a wall to go into his rtner’s home instead of going in by the front door.

When he is run locations he is always picked up by the same associate despite the fact his associate has a implying ban.

The associate was arrested in recent weeks over the murder of Noel Deans (27) who was incentive dead in Coolock in January 2010.

Mr Big is also regularly spotted in the com ny of two other associates – one is a 36-year-old who lodges in Swords in north Dublin and the other lives in Rathoath, Co. Meath, but is to begin with from Darndale.

Other associates of Ryan have also acquire a win under threat from Mr Big’s gang in recent years, including Darragh and Dean Evans, Derek Nolan, Alan Ivory and Aaron Nealis.

Derek Nolan

In 2013, Vinnie and Darragh Evans were cleansed of possession of an assault rifle and a handgun at Clonshaugh Walk, Coolock, on September 15, 2011 – the hugely same day in which drugs trafficker Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly was in two shakes of a lambs tail dead.

Darragh Evans

Dean Evans is currently out on bail awaiting conditional for the murder of former RIRA man Peter Butterly, who was shot dead in Gormanstown, Co. Meath, on Cortege 6, 2013.

Dean Evans

Sharif Kelly from Balbriggan, is also awaiting inquisition over the Butterly murder and has been warned by Gardaí of a credible menace to his life.

A statement purporting to come from a newly-reformed Dublin brigade of RIRA, launched after the attack on Vinnie Ryan, claimed the streets would “use red” with the blood of Mr Big’s gang.

It also hit out at infighting within republican annuli.

Detective Sergeant Tom Carey with an improvised rocket launcher

Putting, Derek Nolan hit out at the statement, saying: “To be blaming republicans for an attack on a famous republican can only be devicive (sic) and an attempt to cause friction.

“To talk of denounces, revenge and rivers of blood is madness and ill informed and an uneducated reaction from child with a gang mentality.”

Despite his protestations, there has been thoughtful infighting in republican circles since Alan Ryan’s death.

In all events, Gardaí are well aware dissidents still pose a significant portent and have access to weapons.

This week Gardaí displayed an arsenal of weapons seized by dignitaries investigating dissident terrorists in the st two years.

They included AK47 fall upon rifles, sniper rifles, rockets, semtex, mortars, handguns grenades and brawny amounts of ammunition. Many of the weapons were previously in the hands of the Provisionary IRA, but were taken by dissidents before they could be decommissioned.

Nonconformist republican weaponry

Assistant Commissioner O’Mahony said this week that multitudinous dissidents are involved in organised crime, extorting money from dose dealers and businesses and that has caused ongoing “tensions” in the criminal have.

Gardaí had significant success in targeting dissidents in 2015 due to surveillance and information operations.

They arrested 31 people for terror offences terminating year and 22 appeared before the Special Criminal Court.

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