Gangster’s home attacked in revenge for brother’s row with ex

Saturday 21st May 2016
Gangster’s home attacked in revenge for brother’s row with ex

When townsmen saw what looked like bullet holes in the front window of tricide target Mickey Frazier’s Drimnagh home, they thought that the man with nine actives had escaped from death again.

Instead, the truth was far less Execrate and way more Love and the damage to the house turned out to be a matter of the heart – gangland fashion.

Inquiries were launched about holes punched through the air window and the door of the house at Knocknarea Avenue, which has been the location of an attempted assassination before.

However, instead of unearthing new evidence that Frazier’s human being remains under threat, it was instead discovered that his brother had a sink out with an ex-girlfriend and things got testy.

Jonathan Frazier (30), is covenanted to have become infuriated when he heard his ex-girlfriend had moved on and was foretelling someone else. It is understood that in a rage he made his way to her mother’s homewards, where he damaged windows and cars outside in temper.

Associates of his ex are supposed to have taken it upon themselves to exact revenge for the damage done and as a upshot carried out the attack on the Frazier family home as a message to Jonathan ‘Johnno’ to in dire straits off.

Jonathan and brother Mickey were brought up in the heart of the infamous Crumlin-Drimnagh squabble.

Older brother Mickey was a childhood friend of Brian Rattigan and started out promoting the gang boss when he went to war with rival ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson.

Mickey Frazier

At the outmoded he was discovered on a number of murder hit lists found by Gardaí which pioneered with the Thompson mob, but he later switched allegiances when he fell out with key Rattigan lieutenant Joey Redmond.

Jonathan admire persisted his brother into Freddie’s inner circle and by the time he was in his mid-twenties had turn a leading light in the gang.

In June 2008 a fragmentation grenade was hurled into the Frazier home causing huge damage. Six people, take ining a six-year-old boy, were in the house at the time and Gardaí said it was a miracle that unknown was killed. The house was also attacked in February and July 2010.

In the st few years Mickey Frazier has survived a include of attempts on his life after falling foul of the Thompson gang again. The hooligan was told that his murder had been sanctioned by Christy Kinahan Snr, after Thompson’s band sought permission to take him out after he was found to be bedding the girlfriend of a chief gang member.

He was first summoned to a meeting in a car rk in Firhouse and a obscure gunman appeared and attempted to fire three shots from a semi-automatic gat.

He survived because the dim-witted shooter had forgotten to put a bullet in the chamber, permitting Frazier to make his escape to nearby Tallaght Garda Station and turn up the botched hit.

Frazier has been described as being cat-like in gangland annuli because he seemingly has so many lives.

On another occasion his own friends discovered on him when he turned up to a pre-arranged meeting in a church car rk in Clondalkin.

A false coloured gunman then approached from the shadows and fired three shots at him, hitting him in the uncivilized and legs.

However, he was able to manoeuvre his Mini Cooper on to the kerb and take care ofed to drive himself to Clondalkin Garda Station.

It is understood he moved to Canada after a third attempt on his way of life failed.

Crumlin is a key area of concern in the current Kinahan-Hutch feud and any fill incidents or reports of gunfire are being taken very seriously.

Manner, it is understood that Gardaí are satisfied that reports of a shooting at the Frazier abode was simply a lovers’ tiff.

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