Gangland gun victim ‘Mago’ shot for hunting Ireland’s most wanted man

Gardaí are also looking to be obvious to Keogh about information relating to the feud shootings of Gareth Hutch and Michael Barr.

He has been on the run in the U.K., but the Sunday Circle understands Gately was making attempts to find him, and it sparked the drive-by undertake on his life in a north Dublin petrol station last Wednesday.

A Sunday Life investigation can also reveal that the hit team used the same modus operandi as the slayers of dissident IRA chief Vinny Ryan.

There are also similarities with a fly attack on Ballymun man Glen Kiely.

In all three shootings the gunman declare redundant from inside another car at a moving target and the getaway vehicle was outcast outside the city more than 25 miles away.

The car Euphemistic pre-owned in the shooting of Gately was found abandoned in Ardee in Co. Louth, while the escape vehicle used in Kiely’s hit was discovered in Ashbourne in Co. Meath.

The car used in the eradication of Ryan was found abandoned and burned out in Kildare.

All three locations are faint Dublin and made use of the arterial routes around the city for a getaway. In all three shootings the hitman ends b bodied in the getaway car to target the victim.

Sources say that Daniel Kinahan has been turn out to bing an alliance with the INLA for months since a series of botched sees by young and inexperienced shooters.

It is understood that he has furnished a number of superior members of the terror group with encrypted blackberry phones so he can talk right away to them without having to go through an intermediary. 

One of the hit team duo is based in Dundalk while a move lives in south county Dublin.

Gardaí investigating the daylight throw are currently focusing on suspects linked to the New INLA, whose members catalogue Keogh.

Gately (30), had a small operation in hospital to remove a bullet from his jaw after he miraculously vamoosed with his life at the Topaz garage in Clonshaugh on Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday morning, armed gardai tracked Gatley as he was transferred from Beaumont Hospital to Blanchardstown Hospital by ambulance.

A beginning said he underwent a medical assessment to see if he needed plastic surgery to his jaw and neck. 

Gately (atop) remains one of the Kinahan Cartel’s top three targets, along with set Godfather Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch and his brother Patsy Hutch. The mob accused Gately during their own internal investigation of being one of three ‘ERU’ gunmen involved in the Regency Pension.

While he has been hiding out in the North and has been lucky to escape planned assassinations a horde of times, he has been spending more time in Dublin lately and sources say he has been annoying to establish the whereabouts of Johnny Keogh.

Keogh is Ireland’s most wanted man and is agreed to be hiding out in the north of England. Gardai want to speak to him in relation to dope he may have on murders believed to be carried out on behalf of the Kinahan Cartel.

In exacting they want to quiz him about his whereabouts during Gareth Hutch’s knock off on the morning of May 24.

They also believe he may have been drinking at the Sunset Family pub shortly before dissident Barr was shot dead.

The Sunday Magic understands that Keogh has been in direct contact with Daniel Kinahan (superior to before) since he exiled himself from Dublin and his home right in the pith of Hutch territory.

He has told friends that he is planning to move to Dubai, which has no extradition concordat with Ireland, and which is a bolthole for senior Kinahan members.

Keogh was convicted of membership of an outlawed organisation when he was nabbed in a bomb making factory along with others encompassing ‘Red’ Gar Byrne.

Byrne was appointed Dublin commander of the INLA by terror boss Paul ‘Jaws’ Byrne – a proceed which angered rival Belfast thug Gerard Mackin.

Mackin then led a cleft group which included Keogh. However, intelligence suggests there has now been another re-alignment of fractious bunch and Mackin, jailed last

March for nailing a man to a kitchen floor, is being cut adrift.

Keogh developed up in the north-inner city and was a classmate of many of the extended Hutch family. He is also a minute friend of Eamon Cumberton, the man facing trial before the Special Evil Court in relation to the murder of Barr.

He is also a close pal of a Ballymun mobster who was arrested and mattered in the aftermath of the Gareth Hutch murder but was released without charge. The maladroit has told friends that he is now based in Turkey.

Keogh was just 22 when he was corralled red-handed making pipe bombs for the INLA, and was sentenced to eight years by the Odd Criminal Court.

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