Gangland figure under garda investigation after savage pub beating

Jordan (47), who is arranged to be a top target of the Kinahan Cartel, was drinking with an associate in Dag Welds pub coming his hometown of Allenwood, Co. Kildare, when a man was beaten and left unconscious on the floor of the bar.

Constitute evidences have reported that Jordan’s associate attacked the man after they exchanged accounts and beat him with a bar stool, splitting open his head. As he lay unconscious on the grouts, the man’s face was stamped on and his teeth were broken with the heel of a boot.

It is accepted that Jordan and his sidekick fled before an ambulance was called to the bursting watering hole and the injured man was taken to hospital. Gardaí also arrived at the commotion and seized the CCTV footage, which is understood to have recorded the well incident.

Sources say the victim has yet to make a statement to gardaí, but that he has just recently been released from hospital.

More than 100 being are believed to have been in the bar at the time.

Jordan is understood to be living in a formal of huge paranoia and is in fear for his life since he was issued with a many of threats directly from the Kinahan Cartel.

It is not known why he has become such a key end for the murderous gang, but it is understood that they are actively trying to find him.

The in the palm of ones hand had managed to convince many of the criminal underworld that he was no longer spending in Ireland, claiming that he was based full-time in the UK, where he has a Blackpool hail for business purposes.

However, his attack on the innocent drinker has placed him fast back in Allenwood, where he has been spotted regularly in the locality stab a number of different vehicles.

Jordan has also been seen by gardaí conjunction Stephen Kearney – one of George ‘the Penguin’ Mitchell’s main men in Ireland.

Kearney, who is at from Ballyfermot, recently lost his home in Ratoath in Co. Meath to the Bad Assets Bureau.

He and Gerald Hopkins are the two most senior figures in the Penguin’s soporific network in this country and both fell out with Gerry ‘the Coenobite’ Hutch in 2000 when he reached a €1.5 million tax settlement with the CAB.

The matched set were facing hefty bills themselves and believed if they all rubbished to pay they couldn’t be made to. 

Over the years, the duo softened their passage to Hutch and he even attended Hopkin’s 50th birthday party at a top hotel in Dublin. 

Jordan has also try out to thwart the CAB in a bid to earn him points within the criminal underworld, where resonant suspicions remain about how he has avoided any serious charges for so long. 

The horse purchaser turned gangster has applied for bankruptcy twice in the UK in a bid to avoid his bill, which is take ited to be in the region of €800,000.

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