Flash family flaunt the cash but they are targets in gangland battle

David Byrne with his sprint jeep

Senior Kinahan lieutenants, brothers Liam and David Byrne and their inventor James ‘Jaws’ Byrne, have been identified to members of the com re with Hutch faction as prime targets to those hell-bent on avenging the slaying of The Monk Gerry Hutch’s nephew Gary.

The Monk has been announced Liam Byrne convinced Gary to return to S in shortly preceding the time when he was shot dead.

It is understood that the Hutch faction remains bank on to sanction any shootings, but has been given the assurances of senior ramilitaries that he has their zaftig backing if his side go to war with the Kinahan Cartel.

Sources believe that the Byrnes may appropriate for targets on both sides of the deadly divide, as key members of their own mob stay put suspicious of a flash lifestyle that has brought the attention of the Criminal Assets Agency and the Garda’s new Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau down on them and their associates.

While Gardaí pull someones leg nabbed major seizures belonging to other key players in the mob, the Byrnes beget not been victims of recent successes.

And as many of their criminal synchronics try to remain under the radar, they have returned the country to the bad old epoches with their vulgar displays of wealth in their own community of Crumlin.

In an bizarre two fingers to the Gardaí, the family even enjoyed a €100,000 holiday at a top haunt in Cancun, Mexico, where they splashed their drug moolah on cham gne and fine dining.

More than 20 members of the Byrne order kicked back and relaxed in the sun in one of the world’s most-luxurious holiday destinations.

Beginnings say that fellow guests at the Moon lace five star retreat were horrified by the “rough” manners of the Byrne men and complaints were thrived about the language of the women.

Veteran criminal ‘Jaws’ and his wife Sadie took a set at the €5,000-per-person resort, where everything from designer cocktails at swim-up outside ofs to childcare is included for the families of the world’s richest business people.

Their son Liam, a make inaccessible friend of Christy Kinahan’s sons Daniel and Christopher Jnr, treated little woman Simoan McEnroe and their three children to the break, while confrere David went alone as he has just split from his girlfriend.

Sisters Melanie Johnson, Maria Byrne and Joanne Byrne were also on the pedigree festive break.

Members of the Byrne family are among the Garda and Depraved Asset Bureau’s number-one targets in a massive probe into antidepressant smuggling and money laundering through a number of industries, including the car importation matter.

Liam and brother David have become key targets in the fight against organised wrong as they have been so publicly flashing their wealth all Dublin.

Not for 20 years, since before the set-up of the CAB, have fancied drug dealers been so brazen about showing off their assets around their own neighbourhoods, where local children look on with awe at their top-of-the-range transports and trappings of wealth.

Flash family flaunt the cash but they are targets in gangland battle

Liam Byrne

Last weekend the Sunday Beget revealed how ‘Cocaine Cowboy’ Liam Byrne has even built his own unfriendly hacienda in Raleigh Square, where he lives with his family.

He has withdrew his semi-detached house into a huge property which dwarfs touching homes and where he rks up his collection of cars including Range Bums, BMWs, Audis and Mercedes jeeps.

His brother David is living in nearby Kildare Avenue where he too rks up top-of-the-range motors, many worth well in over-abundance of €100,000.

Joanne Byrne and her husband Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh are regulars at the Cancun backup, which is among the world’s most-expensive holiday destinations, and are believed to organize convinced the wider family to join them this year.

The yoke live in a €1m Birmingham home where we photographed them last year material like neighbouring Premier League footballers.

Bomber, who was a first cousin of murdered supplier ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh, runs a car business, but has evidently got the Midas touch, as his overpowering pile in Tamworth proves.

The family employ a full-time gardener and compel ought to a hot tub and private bar in the sprawling back garden.

Bomber was convicted of armed thievery in the early 1990s and was one of the first major targets of the Criminal Assets Section after it was set up in 1996.

In July of 1998 he and drug Godfather George ‘the Penguin’ Mitchell were called in court when the CAB got High Court judgements against them. Mitchell, who was at the forthwith being held in a Dutch jail, was ordered to y up €130,000 and in a se rate sentiment Kavanagh was told to y a similar amount.

In court he said his home on Knocknarea Approach in Drimnagh was his only asset and he eventually had to hand it over to CAB, leaving Ireland’s penniless for the U.K.

Joanne Byrne has led the way in exposition her family how to enjoy life. She celebrated her 40th birthday in Vegas when she dashed 25 women first class to Sin City.

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