Exclusive pictures of cartel hitman who targeted Monk’s brother

It tells how close the grandfather came to death after he dropped his special requirements daughter home.

He was saved only by the reinforced steel door conspicuous in the chilling image of a tracksuit-clad shooter pursuing him through a busy children neighbourhood.

Days after this failed hit, gardaí swooped on Liam Byrne – the cartel’s pipe man in Ireland.

The flash mobster was quizzed about his wealth and a fleet of extravagance cars seized earlier this year.

He is believed to have communistic the country within hours of his release from a ‘Section 4’ check by CAB officers, who are probing his flash cars and bling lifestyle, which they suppose is funded by drugs.

However, the net is closing in on Byrne in more ways than one and outsets say that a huge investigation into his finances is almost complete.

Byrne dusted to answer any questions during his 12 hours in custody, but sources tease told the Sunday World that he is scared, despite trying to put on a before.

“He is trying to put on a tough front, but the fact is that he is absolutely terrified every man Friday he is in Ireland. He knows that there is a bullet out there with his label on it. His life has changed completely and he is terrified to put his head out the door,” our source said.

Liam Byrne

The CCTV perception shows a tracksuited gunman as he arrives at Drumalee rk on Dublin’s northside and upsurges out of a red getaway car primed to murder the grandfather in cold blood.

Seconds after this figure of speech was captured, Johnny Hutch managed to slam closed a reinforced insulate door into his back garden and survived the eight bullets the shooter unleashed from a handgun.

Dean Howe, a superior Kinahan associate and friend of Liam Byrne, was arrested following the germinating, but was released from custody last Sunday.

The attempted murder charged just days after innocent dad Trevor O’Neill, who was killed while on breaks in Majorca with his family, was buried. The target of the assassination was Jonathan Hutch – Johnny’s son.

The savagery with which well-intentioned family members of Gerry Hutch have been picked out and slaughtered has shocked even hardened criminals.

Days after David Byrne’s end the life of, the mob sent a team to kill Eddie Hutch – the veteran crime baron God’s brother who worked as a taxi driver.

They then murdered his superlative friend Noel ‘Kingsize’ Duggan – a well-liked granddad who had made no adversaries throughout his long career as a top cigarette smuggler.

The mob killed an innocent sser-by, Martin O’Rouke, when they essayed to shoot Keith Murtagh, a key Hutch associate.

Barman Michael Barr was then murdered at the Sunset Take in pub.

Johnny Hutch

Weeks later, Gareth Hutch, Johnny Hutch’s son and a nephew of The Religious, was shot dead outside his inner-city home.

Daithi Douglas was gunned down concluding July outside a south inner-city shop .

And Jonathan Hutch, Johnny’s other son, was held to be the target when innocent dad Trevor O’Neill was murdered last month.

The conflict has focused the Garda attention on the activities of the Kinahan gang, which had been carry oning for years with little pressure from the authorities.

Last ce, a massive Criminal Assets Bureau-led sting was centred on Byrne and his comrades.

Officers raided his Crumlin home and his business, LS Active Car Sales, and rupture in the doors of the homes of his key associates.

Rolex watches, high-powered cars, motorbikes and documents were seized and entranced away for analysis.

When the armed officers stormed Byrne’s Raleigh On a r home, they discovered the nic room, bar and jacuzzi.

They also unearthed that he had spent a fortune extending and upgrading the house with top-of-the-range plasma protect TVs and a pool room.

Byrne’s father, the veteran criminal ‘Jaws’ Byrne, endures in another extended house in the Crumlin enclave.

Sean McGovern, his commerce rtner who was injured during the Regency shooting, lives nearby, as did Liam’s sibling David, who was a father of two young children.

The enormous Garda response to the worst rivalry in gangland history is estimated to be costing up to €1million a week to contain.

A thousand armed checkpoints a month obtain been rolled out, resulting in huge overtime hours for much-needed Gardaí on the terraces, while a new Armed Support Unit for Dublin is currently being courted.

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