Ex girlfriend of slain RIRA boss shacks up with old pal

Stacey Roche earn c lowers a sultry pout as she poses with boyfriend Dean Evans, who is overlay trial for the murder of dissident Peter Butterly.

But the former rtner of extinguished Real IRA chief Alan Ryan has been dating pumped-up Evans after she trended to him for comfort following the murder of her boyfriend Alan.

Alan Ryan and Stacey Roche

The yoke found love amidst their grief and earlier this year enjoyed a sun respite together after the alleged dissident gunman sought permission to associate to Marbella in S in for a holiday ahead of his trial in the
Special Criminal Court.

In the face objections by gardai, Evans was allowed to leave the country and enjoyed a fortnight on the Med with Stacey.

Stacey is the deciding ramilitary gangsters’ moll.

She was regarded as Alan Ryan’s main girlfriend at the at all times of his murder in 2012.

Despite the fact that he was known to have a number of consorts, she was top of the pile and was issued with a Garda Information Message (GIM) form at one stage-manage by detectives who believed there was a credible threat to her life.

Dean Evans and Stacy Roche

She was also collared in connection with the inquiry into the murder of drug dealer Sean Winters, who was gunned down after refusing to shackles over €50,000 in protection money to Ryan and his brother Vincent.

Roche was not suspected of bear any direct involvement in the 2010 murder but was arrested by officers probing whether she had any advice about it.

Stacey is a staunch Republican herself and is a supporter of the 32 County Command Movement. She hit the headlines when she appeared in a full ramilitary uniform during a monument march for Ryan.

The stunner had initially moved in with the Ryan strain after the murder of Alan but when she found love with Evans – one of Ryan’s unexcelled ls – she moved out.

Evans was charged with the murder of Peter Butterly, who was sharpshooter dead in County Meath in 2013. Last January, a 55-day-long effort involving him and his co-accused collapsed after a failure in evidence disclosure.

A retrial was needed so thated for January 2017 and Evans was granted bail until the case carry ons.

Ryan had at least four women under his spell at the time he was murdered, incorporating one woman who had gone abroad to have his baby.

Last March, the Ryan ancestry and their supporters faced further anguish when Alan’s fellow-creature Vincent was murdered.

At his funeral, his rtner and the mother of his six-week-old daughter, Kelly Smyth, blow the whistle oned of her heartbreak at his murder.

Kelly Smith and Vinnie Ryan

“You were not exclusively my boyfriend, you were my best friend, my soulmate and father to our beautiful hardly ever girl Phoenix. I have now lost all of that and our little girl has mislaid her Daddy. Me and you were glued at the hip from day one, and when Phoenix came along we befitted three,” she said.

In an insight into the double lives that gangland hoods chief with their rtners and families, she described the murderous thug as a proud and leman father.

“The day Phoenix was born was the happiest day of his life, he loved her more than duration itself. We had the perfect little family. We had so much planned for our future. He demand more kids and we were supposed to get married.

“The last conversation we had that Monday was around getting married. He used to say to me before he kissed me: ‘This is how I’m going to smacker you when we get married’.

Now we will never get that day and I’m totally lost without you.”

“I’m discontinuous. The day you were taken from me, you took my heart with you. I always adored you and always will.”

Like all women who mix with dangerous ramilitaries, Stacey and Kelly possess both learned the hard way that falling in love with a impregnable man can mean that death is just around the corner.

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