€50k tombstone for crime lord ‘Fat’ Andy Connors

Massive headstone cost the family €50,000

Large headstone cost the family €50,000

Together they stood united, as the missis Ann and his children raised a toast to the fallen thug.

Ann and kids at the grave

While no restraints have been made in connection with his murder at his Saggart poorhouse in August 2014, his family continue to mourn one of Ireland’s most shaming criminals.

And while they returned to his graveside in Gorey to lament his temporary, the family remain in fear for their own lives after fleeing the territory where he was gunned down, by what Gardaí believe was an INLA hitman.

Ann and her next of kin have been moving between Wexford, Dublin, Carlow and the U.K. for the prior six months, since they were advised to move out of ‘The Ranch’ in Saggart.

It is arranged that she has sought the services of debt collector Martin ‘the Viper’ Foley and his old l Troy Jordan to staff with her protection.

In life, Fat Andy headed up a vicious traveller mob who burgled the adroit ins of the elderly and vulnerable. He made a millionaire’s fortune through drug behaving and loan sharking.

Andy Connors

Since his death, Ann has struggled to hang on to her family on the move and we have tracked her down to a small flat in Carlow and continuing with relatives in Wexford and the U.K. while she tries to flog a site in Saggart to untrammelled up some funds.

The controversial property was built by the couple on Slade Alleyway and named ‘The Old Ranch’ without planning permission. It has since become a peaceful to horses that graze there.

Fat Andy Connors was one of the best cognizant of traveller criminals in Ireland and was also a close personal friend of the last millionaire businessman Jim Mansfield Snr, whose City West development was increased near lands owned by the traveller.

He was shot in front of his children in their home on the Blessington Access and died in his wife’s arms on August 20 last.

He had many foes and it is understood he was demanding money that he claimed was owed to him from a businessman who was included the protection of the INLA.

Earlier this year his family erected a monster religious headstone at his grave in Gorey, which is believed to have yment €50,000.

Headstone is winched on to the grave using a crane

The huge marble figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph had to be winched on to the grave by a massive crane in be that as it may for the first anniversary of his horrific murder.

It is understood that rish Minister of the Gospel Fr William Howell initially refused permission to Ann to erect the massive headstone, but in the course of time backed down after the extended Connors clan congregated at the cemetery.

Connors’ sepulchre is now one of the most ornate at St Michael’s Cemetery. He was buried there in a €28,000 gold-plated container and was wearing a €40,000 Rolex and other gold jewellery that gave him the nickname of the ‘million dollar man.’

Throughout his life he stole, terrorised and augured elderly people and made a fortune through crime.

His grave was care for under 24-hour guard in the days after his burial until a leviathan marble slab could be placed over it.

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