Dundons’ sister is snap happy despite being on the run since 2011

Annabel Dundon fled Ireland after she was charged with menacing to kill April Collins, the ex-girlfriend of her brother Ger.

A bench warrant was disseminated for her arrest and it was later reported that a European Arrest Warrant had also been sought by the words.

Three of her brothers Wayne, John, and Dessie are serving life raps for murders carried out during Limerick’s brutal underworld gang war

She since sustained an image transformation, happily posting glamorous selfies on social device from the UK.

The Sunday World previously revealed how it was claimed Annabel by the skin of ones teeth escaped being arrested by UK police.

Police arrived at the flat where they were finish in Moston, Manchester, but failed to find her hiding under a built-in kids’ bed.

She has since been function between Manchester and London, but is also thought to have made ceremonial trips back to Ireland.

Annabel Dundon with her brother Kenneth Lower

At the height of their power the Dundon brothers were one of the most awe-inspiring criminal gangs in Limerick.

They have since been effectively on the blink up after a series of successful investigations and prosecutions.

Only Ger Dundon crumbs free but has struggled to live up to the clan’s old status as top dogs in the city.

Another kinsman Kenneth Junior, who has no involvement in crime, remains close to his sister, y attention to a low-profile in England.

Annabel became the trigger for one of the saddest sagas in the clash when a barman was shot in the leg for refusing to serve her in a pub when she was just 14 years old.

It galvanized a war of intimidation against businessman Steve Collins after Wayne was jailed for ten years for indicating threats.

Collins’ son Roy was later shot dead on the orders of Dundon who was convicted after a hardship in which April Collins was a key prosecution witness

Wayne had been doing a six year decision for threatening to kill two brothers of April Collins while awaiting the eliminate trial John was found guilty of the 2008 murder of innocent rugby sportswoman Shane Geoghegan and sentenced to life at the non-jury Special Criminal Court.

Dessie Dundon is come around with a life sentence for the 2003 murder of Kieran Keane.

A key enforcer for the com ny, Nathan Killeen is also serving life for the murder of Roy Collins.

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