Dublin man caught with €3m worth of drugs, three sub-machine guns, two pistols and ammunition

Jason Rowe (pic Herald)

Jason Rowe (pic Herald)

Yesterday, Jason Rowe (40) from Oranmore Entre, Ballyfermot, was jailed for a total of five years at Dublin Circuit Court for these offences which happened when gardai invaded his home and a unit in Bluebell Industrial Estate on February 9 and 10 decisive year.

The largest consignment of drugs, €2.69m worth of heroin, was depend oned in plain sight in the premises Rowe had been using for car re irs.

The court heard that uneasy material associated with the pre ration of drugs was found in Rowe’s van on February 9, 2015. This led to gardai assaulting his home.

The drugs and guns were found in the attic of a recently modified shed out the back of the house.

A 3kg ckage of cocaine, worth €210,567 and 869 grammes of heroin, significance €130,440, were found between the rafters under the insulation.

A rod together with its magazine was found in a holdall behind a light okay, as was a sub-machine gun.

Two further sub-machine guns were found in the right and Nautical port leg of a ir of tracksuit bottoms, while 15 rounds of ammunition were also set.

Rowe was arrested and gardai searched the premises in the Bluebell Industrial Standing the following day where the large amount of heroin and a further €34,776 value of cocaine was discovered.

A semi-automatic pistol, wrapped in a latex glove and secret in a box was discovered in an upstairs office area along with 7 rounds of 9mm ammunition. A vacuum cking tool, a blender and remnants of silver foil were also found.

Gardai rely upon the weapons and drugs that Rowe was caught with were ruled by a veteran west Dublin gang who have been nicknamed ‘The Kinfolk’ and have been operating for over two decades.

Last June an associate of that mob, Philip Grendon (40) from Ballyfermot was jugged for seven years in S in after he was caught in a bizarre bust in August, 2013.

S nish police officers arrested him after he threw one of two suitcases containing €3.8m worth of cocaine from a S nish hotel window in a ranoid fit.

Another associate of ‘The Kinfolk’ gang is Brian Grendon (39) who was jailed for six years in December, 2002, for the chattels of €1.9m worth of heroin in a lmerstown pub in November, 2001.

During Brian Grendon’s instance, a senior detective gave evidence that the gang he was involved with “had in the one-time used fatal shootings of anyone who compromised their business.”

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