Carla cops coppers in coppers

Carla Gabberlover, time past known as Carla Maria Smith, hit the headlines last month after she uploaded videos to the porn website PornHub of her be subjected to sex with a garda on an official patrol car, as well as members of the Air Corps in a bulwark forces vehicle.

Garda and Army top brass launched separate interrogations into the two incidents and those involved may face disciplinary action.

Carla give the word delivered she was given notice to move out of her home in Dunmanway, west Cork, since the fracas.

She is still based in the house but has made regular trips to Dublin, where she has blocked in hotels, including one near Copper Face Jacks nightclub on Harcourt Avenue in Dublin.

She has visited the well-known nightclub and arranged liaisons in the nearby hostelry.

Last week she boasted online: “Off to Dublin tonight to get my fill. Copperface Jacks for me.”

She also called Everleigh Garden nightclub on the street while she was staying in Dublin and has also met gardaí cottage Dublin.

Carla remains active on websites which she uses to settle meet-ups with gardaí and members of the defence forces.

After one contact she boasted to pals that she had just “f***ed a Garda sergeant” who was “f***ing mad for it”.

“That’s now beat ited me to 24 garda,” she boasted.

However, one rendezvous ended abruptly after a associate of the defence forces went back to her room and spotted a Go Pro camera.

A creator said: “The camera might not have been on, but he legged it once he specked it because he didn’t want to be involved in a video. She just laughed.”

Carla confessed the Sunday World she hasn’t put up videos recently and doesn’t want to do sound outs because she wants the attention to die down.

“I just wanna stay out the hold close for now. I’ve not put any more new videos up yet for that reason,” she said.

However, she has been contacting numerous gardaí and shield force members to tell them about her exploits in recent light of days.

Last weekend she posted pictures on Twitter after her car had been egged in Dunmanway.

She belittle deleted: “An example of the contradiction we’re dealing with here. As the town prepares for Darkness into Window the feeble minds are out to bring others down.”

She said the car was parked in the borough at the time and was “easy pickings”.

Carla previously told the Sunday Society she wanted to apologise to the partner of the garda who took part in the porn video with her.

“I do penury to apologise to his girlfriend. I did not know about the relationship and it must have been hugely traumatic for her to find out about it in this kind of way.

“I only read it in the legal papers the next day that he had a partner. I spoke to him after and he said he is in a long-term relationship. I mentioned you are such a fool for doing that.”

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