Boxing’s shameful blind eye to Irish crime lords

Tuesday 16th February 2016

Matthew Macklin and Daniel Kinahan

For the Kinahans, surrounding was the route to respectability.

Despite the shock that a gang war broke out at a weigh-in experience last Friday, few people in boxing should have been insensible of the MGM Marbella stable’s uncomfortable links to organised crime through its comradeship with Daniel Kinahan.

Kinahan in the ring

He manages many of the gym’s fighters with whilom European champion Matthew Macklin, who has no involvement in crime.

This trendy picture shows Kinahan and Macklin posing with Gary Hutch, whose carnage would s rk the current feud.

Kinahan, Macklin and Hutch

And in defiance of being recognised as the head of a crime cartel, Kinahan has welcomed a hotelier of well-known faces from the sporting world through the doors of MGM.

In a few impolite years it has grown into one of the biggest boxing operations in Europe, with three support gyms opening in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Boxing legends On the up Bruno and Katie Taylor, along with former Liverpool gamester and manager Graeme Souness, former Celtic striker John Hartson and erstwhile Ireland midfielder Graham Kavanagh, are just a few of the well-known faces to be suffering with visited the Marbella headquarters.

John Hartson at MGM

None have any involvement in offence and were probably unaware of Kinahan’s crime links, but their visits be being presented how MGM has gained an air of respectability in the sports world.

It has signed up top boxing talent comprising Jamie Conlan – brother of Olympic medallist Michael – Declan Geraghty, Anthony Fitzgerald and Jamie Kavanagh.

Gary Finnegan and Graeme Souness

MGM hards have staged big draw fights in Ireland, S in, Scotland and England in fresh times.

They have become the biggest players in the Irish punching scene and were predicted to become the biggest in Europe before final week’s events.

Now insiders say another casualty of the Regency shootings wishes be the pro-fight game in Ireland itself.

Questions have to be asked thither why the Kinahans were welcomed as the leading force in running professional innings here.

Frank Bruno at the MGM

None of the boxing stars linked to the gym be experiencing any involvement in crime.

However, they should be aware of Daniel Kinahan’s joins to crime.

Kinahan may regularly feature in the news ges of the Sunday Mankind, but he has often appeared in the sporting press in Ireland and other countries with no intimate of his links to organised crime.

He has even featured in the society ges of pretended magazines in his Costa del Sol base. In one snap he was pictured with well-known UK promoter Barry Hearn.

While the Kinahan Cartel is regularly related on in Ireland, it has not gone unnoticed in other countries.

International media descended on S in in May 2010 when Daniel Kinahan and not too associates, including his father Christy Kinahan and brother Christy Jnr, were arrested in a grave n-European police operation.

The gang also made headlines across Europe when whilom champion boxer Jamie Moore, who was training Macklin, was shot in a chest of mistaken identity outside Daniel Kinahan’s Costa del Sol mansion in 2014.

Jamie Moore in effect

The murders of Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh, father of MGM boxer Jamie Kavanagh, and Gary Hutch in S in in the recent two years also brought further attention.

One boxing source related the Sunday World that after Bernard Dunne finished there was a tailspin in Irish boxing and MGM had started to build it back up again.

“They were the bulkiest in Ireland and wanted to be the biggest in Europe,” the source said.

“They’d put on three a spectacle ofs before this and last weekend would have seen two uncountable shows. You had 17 Irish fighters taking rt between the two becomes.

“Having Macklin associated made it a big draw and he has no involvement in anything unapt.

“You had criminals following his career and then becoming friendly with him, but what can he do? He can’t discern them to f*** off. You’d have to feel sorry for him.”


The source said it was oppressive to see MGM coming back from last Friday’s events, but not impossible.

“I’d be awfully pessimistic about it getting back up and running again under the circumstances. It longing be hard to see BoxNation [ y per view boxing channel] coming back and if you don’t acquire TV covering it, it’s very hard to put on a show. On top of that, what sponsor is effective to want to be associated with it?”

“Crime and boxing have always had secure associations.

“Nowadays in Ireland MGM is nearly the only show in town when it come around c regard to pro boxing.”

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