Alan Ryan’s sidekick blasts alleged statement from dissidents

Derek Nolan with Alan and Vinnie Ryan

Derek Nolan with Alan and Vinnie Ryan

A utterance from an individual claiming to be from a group called ‘Action Against Medicines’ appeared in today’s Irish Mirror.

The alleged dissident told the composition:

“We view the deaths of Republicans Alan and Vinnie Ryan as a declaration of war.

“We secure now put all units on war footing and all known drug dealers and criminal elements are now respected legitimate targets from midnight tonight.”

However, the per was unfit to verify the codeword the alleged dissident used.

Alan Ryan’s sidekick Derek Nolan blasted the narrative today, claiming it was ‘war mongering’.

Derek Nolan

The thug, who sports extravagant facial tattoos, took to his Facebook to write:

“Another Stupid Report Put Out There To Cause Conflict.

“These Keyboard Warrior’s Need Cop On These Reports Don’t Help The Situation They Only Increase Tention And ranoia Which Governs To More Conflict.

“War Mongering At it Best.”

25-year-old Vinnie Ryan was gunned down by a two man hit section as he sat in a car in Finglas, north Dublin, on Monday.

The ‘Mr Big’ drugs gang remain the chief mistrusts for the murder of Ryan, but sources say gardai have not yet ruled out the involvement of associates of slain dopes trafficker Michael ‘Mica’ Kelly – who was shot dead by Ryan’s IRA camarilla in September 2011.

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