7ft rent-boy offering €60 sex services in Dublin city centre

Thursday 4th February 2016

‘Brendan’ the mammoth rent boy

Once upon a time, hookers and sex-starved punters all had to okay awkward carefully disguised adverts in a small number of publications.

Now the internet has let every sensuous ‘entrepreneur’ set themselves up in business – where they are offering to cater for every ng under the sun.

And they come in all shapes and sizes – literally.

This week a 7ft overdone gay giant was offering sleazy sex in return for just €60.

The American-born escort dig d attacks by the name of ‘Brendan’ and openly advertises online that he has a “7 inch” puppet. When our team contacted the giant, he advised us he charges €60 for his earthy services in Dublin city centre.

Our reporter told the dirty superhuman he’d like to arrange a meet, but when he didn’t hear from us he besieged us with text messages.

“Hey, you still wanna meet?” said one of the des tches, while another message sent the same day read: “Hey, did you get cold feet? Attraction to meet you and see what happens.”

This gay giant openly promotes himself on his group media accounts. His twitter ge reveals details about his libidinous thoughts.

“I’m in London who wants to f**k,” he we wrote in November, while he said in another tweet: “I honest had a client come and then walk out before anything. Is it bad I still urged him? I feel guilty.”

He openly acknowledges that he is a sex worker, tweeting: “I’m contemporary someone, actually makes me want to quit working as a #sexworker.”

There are also dozens of ‘whiz’ men who can be found on Irish websites offering home improvements in exchange for no-strings-attached sex.

Yearning for housewives can get their homes rewired, inted or plastered, as long as they are docile to get up to a bit of handiwork themselves.

One ad placed last week read: “I am a handyman complaisant to do some work for some fun. I’m 43 years old, clean, educated, unimpeachable (unless you don’t want me to be).

“I can fix plumbing, light electrical, masonry. I can plaster and ornament, inting etc.

“I don’t care about your status, married or divorced, I am profoundly discreet. At the end you will have the job done and you will have some mind-numbing orgasms as fully.”

Bizarrely, another carpenter advertising online is offering services to a rticular specific type of woman – namely those suffering from anorexia.

He sets: “I’m 46, five foot ten. Twelve stone. I work as a handyman carpenter. I’m hope an attractive slim or skinny or better still sexy anorexic missus for discreet mutual daytime fun.”

There are also men who are offering to y women for a file of services that would not appeal to the average Irish male.

In an ad named, ‘wrestle me for reward’, one Dubliner is hoping, literally, to get beaten up.

“Looking to battle a woman fully clothed, sit, step, stand on me, facesitting, chest take a seat. The longer you dominate the bigger the reward.”

However, there are also a digit of men looking to recruit women for a range of sex businesses.

Last year, the Sunday Have revealed how a small-time ‘antique’ dealer was also running a lucrative sex cam empire. By day, Alex, initially from Romania, works in a quiet second hand and antique accumulation in Perrystown in south Dublin.

However, by night, he sits back and surprises a cut as dozens of Irish women perform sex acts on webcams in their severely, which are then broadcast live on the website myfreecams.com.

Sex-cam monarch Alex (29), claims to act as an agent for more than 200 ladies across the country, who can earn anything up to €10,000 a week.

On myfreecams.com and other alike resemble sites, clients y to click on a model and then direct her to stage a breathing sex show. In most cases, they y more money each later they give the girl a “request”.

Dad-of-one Alex has recently dis tched a recruitment drive – placing ads on a number of adult contact websites.

Howsoever, Alex claims he is not too impressed with the men who use the services he helps provide, stigmatizing them “psychos” who would be better off spending their money on a break.

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