Weight loss: Woman with ‘healthy lifestyle’ lost two stone in 12 weeks ditching THIS diet

weight loss diet low fat personal trainingUP Salubriousness

Weight loss: PA Leanne lost two stone in 12 weeks by ditching her low-fat fast

Leanne, 33, was unhappy with the way she looked after a series of agreeable holidays left her feeling bloated and out of shape.

But after 12 weeks of single-mindedness, she is now 24lbs lighter and down to a dress size 8.

Speaking about her size in preference to, Leanne, a PA, said: “I look at that picture now, and I know it’s real, but I not under any condition remember.

Because you see yourself every day, you never realise how much onus you’re putting on.”

So how did Leanne mislay the weight? Keen to shed the pounds in a sustainable way, she turned to UP Fitness, www.upfitness.co.uk, to succour her achieve her goals.

And Leanne says committing the training plan they organised for her was peacefully.

She revealed: “The last 12 weeks have been the easiest 12 weeks of my spring – 100 per cent – because everything’s written out for you.

“I’ve lost weight every individual week, and I’m still losing weight now, which I didn’t expect to upon.

weight loss diet low fat personal trainingUP Fitness

Weight loss: Leanne followed a 12 week appropriateness and nutrition plan from UP Fitness

weight loss diet low fat personal trainingUP Fitness

Weight loss: Leanne prognosticated losing the weight was easy once she knew what changes to change

There’s all the information about low-fat diets, but my trainer put me on a high-fat diet when I started

“I over I lost just over a kilo last week and again that’s not a gargantuan amount but when you’re also toning up and building muscle, to still be overcoming weight I was shocked that I didn’t expect it to happen, but it did.”

As well as drilling in the gym, UP Fitness overhauled Leanne’s diet, moving her away from the low-fat refections she had been eating.

She explained: “There’s all the information about low-fat abstains, but my trainer put me on a high-fat diet when I started, and I thought ‘you people are about.’

“I get it, and I understood it, but it’s almost like these guys know something that the reside of the world doesn’t. That’s how it feels.

weight loss diet low fat personal trainingUP Fitness

Weight loss: Leanne’s in preference to and after pictures show the difference in her body

“Then you come here and instantly you’re clothing steak for breakfast. It’s genius, and it works.”

Leanne had thought her lifestyle in preference to had been healthy, and said: “My lifestyle before UP I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat healthy.

“Since then, I’ve realised that cereal for lunch and rice encrusts to snack on and apples as a snack are probably the worst things I could beget been eating, for me anyway.

“The first thing I was told was cut out carbs and cut out sugar. As I say, every one is different, and that’s not for everybody, but that’s what I needed.

weight loss diet low fat personal trainingUP Fitness

Tonnage loss: Leanne worked closely with a personal trainer for the 12 weeks to get her goals

weight loss diet low fat personal trainerUP Fitness

Weight loss: Leanne said she would persevere in with personal training now the 12 weeks are up

“I’ve been going to the gym three outmodes a week for 10 years, and there’s a reason I’ve been doing that and not look into the results, but now coming here and I’m in the best shape of my life after 12 weeks. I surmised to get that from it and that was my expectation, and it happened.”

And now Leanne has said she has to keep the weight off for good, and revealed: “This is me now. This is not extra note, pressure or a chore. It’s just very much moving forward I’ll go to the gym in the mornings.

“I’ll grasp more about different foods what I should be eating. I’m varied educated to look at a menu and know to make those smart choices.

“This has varied the way I look at food and exercise, and that will continue now for the rest of my mortal.”

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