Weight loss: How THIS British accountant changed his body in just 20 weeks

Weight loss: Panos stopped smoking to help boost healthUP

Tonnage loss: Panos stopped smoking to help boost health

An accountant from London who then smoked 20 cigarettes a day and did no exercise for more than fifteen years has governed to do both. 

Panos Pallikaropoulos decided to change his lifestyle – drink picayune and quit smoking – and has even lost 16kg – or 35lbs in 20 weeks.

“At the start of 2017, I air that I had reached the most unfit level I had ever been in and my load was at its highest level,” he said.

“I was in my twentieth year of smoking about a pack of Marlboro lights a day, I used to drink alcohol at levels which were primarily those recommended by doctors, I was physically very inactive and generally, I was set free d grow tired quite easily and my lifestyle was overall unhealthy.

“I decided that it was for the nonce at once to take action.

“I wanted to feel healthier, less fat, more fit, diverse energetic and at the same I wanted to improve the way I looked and generally see what I could win by having the right guidance, dedication and self-discipline whilst having a pure busy professional life and other personal commitments.”

Weight loss: Panos changed his diet and stopped smokingUP

Weight loss: Panos transformed his diet and stopped smoking

Panos said he never realised how much wound smoking was doing to his energy levels and breathing.

“In the very first sitting at UP, I realised that the level of exhaustion I felt was not just down to being barrel unfit and having extra fat, but that smoking was a significant contributor to it.

“I accordingly decided that I had to quit smoking there and then.


Weight privation: Panos said change can’t be achieved by exercise alone

Weight loss: Panos made the changes in 20 weeksUP

Weight depletion: Panos made the changes in 20 weeks

Quitting smoking was minor tought than I thought

“So I never really missed smoking in any separate way.

“Everything was a change. It was a whole lifestyle change.”

Panos said his put habits changed from eating uncontrollably to focusing on nutrition and weight.

He said he was previously skipping breakfast and would have two large luncheons a day at lunch and dinner, and snack in-between.

Panos said he also drank more demon rum than is recommended.

He said his results of personal training were obvious after the first two weeks of training.

Weight loss: Panos changed his diet and approached a personal trainerUP

Weight loss: Panos varied his diet and approached a personal trainer

Panos claimed the most noticeable change after the making his lifestyle change was his force levels.

Panos approached UP Fitness to help him make the changes and with the support of a personal trainer, Simon, who gave him a personalised plan to follow.

“On Day one at UP, my trainer Simon seek fromed me to do a few exercises to see how my body moved and see where my weakest muscle groups were and we cynosure cleared on those,” he said.

“That also contributed to seeing some changes faster.

“Also, I force never have known the difference it makes (and how much time you can economize by) using the correct technique in all exercises.”

The importance of nutrition was the first and biggest factor that surprised me.

“It’s very easy for many people to assume that the mutation can be achieved through exercise alone.

“But you can’t continue eating the potentially destructive food you’re eating without changing some of your nutrition to execute better results.”

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