The Crusader: Mother and daughter win back tickets for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

Michael Ball and Alfie BoeGETTY

Jill and Jean Stanford had extinct their chance to see Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

It looked like the curtain had make down on the hopes of a daughter and her mum when their dream tickets to see peaching legends Michael Ball and Alfie Boe were suddenly cancelled by the soft-cover agency. Yet last week it was all change for Jill and Jean Stanford, whose 86th birthday was the intention for the treat.

After some gentle prodding of the right people by Crusader, they were told they could go to the ball after all, and in the precise same row of seats they had wanted.

They disclosed the new seats were at the back or we could have a refund. Neither worked for us, it felt all too late and most upsetting

Jill Standford

These were the circulations, a bitterly disappointed Jill explained when she asked for help recently. A three of weeks earlier she had received a shock email saying the two tickets costing £150 she swallow in May for the performance at the London lladium on November 13 were now null and disestablish.

Jill said: “I booked immediately the tour was announced in May. We belong to Michael Ball’s fan blackjack, the performances with Alfie Boe are a first and this was very special because mum is become aware of on.

“And the position of the seats was really important too – because her eyesight is poor we had to be nearby the front. I was so happy when I got the fourth row of the stalls.”

However, Jill was not touched by the reason Nottingham-based See Tickets gave.

“I was informed that due to ‘an administrative solecism’ the seats were now unavailable. Yet this was on October 11, five months after they sent me the tickets, so indeed last minute in terms of finding any suitable alternative.

“They verbalized the new seats were at the back or we could have a refund. Neither worked for us, it appeared all too late and most upsetting.”

Jill complained and See Tickets said it would try to consider a better option.

“However, the update I was promised never happened. It’s all left quiet and the show is just a couple of weeks away. We’re at such a collapse,” she told Crusader.

London lladiumGOOGLE MAPS

Jill was told her tickets for the put to shame at the London lladium on November 13 were now null and void

We prayed See Tickets’ rent com ny Vivendi SA to look at the matter again and someone at the power saw the light.

Ideal seats were found and Jean and Jill keep also been invited to a pre-show meal courtesy of See Tickets.

“The rearmost thing we would want is for your evening to be in any way marred by the unfortunate end up of events,” customer relations manager Gemma Robson told Jill who suggested: “We’re so happy and touched by the effort everyone has made.

Michael Ball smilingGETTY

Jill im rted she and her mother ‘belong to Michael Ball’s fan club’


Live shows are sophisticated must-sees these days but they rate and on the rare occasion things go wrong, audiences may find they contain fewer rights than they imagine.

Unlike faulty worths, where getting another is relatively easy, there is a narrow period window for performances.

Perhaps they should be a special case, as there is also the constituent of an ageing population with the means and ca city to be spectators as well as unorthodox needs.

“If a show is cancelled or an error made then most callers are only obliged to offer a refund of the ticket price,” warns lawyer Joanne Lezemore of advice site

Man at computerGETTY

Some ticket sellers won’t refund word fees and postage costs

“It is important to check terms and conditions when swallowing. Some ticket sellers will refund only the face value but discretion not refund other charges such as booking fees and postage bring ins,” she explains.

In theory you can claim other financial losses that were reasonably foreseeable to be provoked, such as train fares.

“An administrative error is not something that desire be beyond the agent’s control.

“However, this could be dependent upon how far in pre yment notification of the cancellation was given,” adds Lezemore.

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