Swap Dubai, Corfu and the Maldives with their secret twins to save a FORTUNE on holiday

So you’ve unquestionable to take a break. That’s the easy rt.

With so many wanderlust want list entries, deciding where to go on holiday is when it gets fibrous.

It’s a serious case of too little time as you try to figure out exactly how to maximise your loved days off.

That’s why a lot of travellers choose the tried and tested, a place so accessible with tourists it speaks for itself.

But these holiday hotspots can be uncommonly costly which only eats into the cash you want to stain on spending once you’re there.

Express.co.uk has enlisted the help of travel guru Chris Blackwell from Stop2.co.uk to find the best alternatives, where you’ll save a fortune and do it all in secret.

Swap Dubai for Ras Al-Khaimah

The UAE’s most famous city has grown from a small desert town to a metropolis of perpetual luxury.

Chris says: “Dubai’s clientele includes celebrities, honeymooners and the wonderful rich, meaning you can find yourself ying A-list prices.”

But proper over an hour’s drive away is the up-and-coming resort town of Ras Al-Khaimah, with the unvaried sprawling beaches and opulent five-star hotels.

Chris says: “Because Ras Al-Khaimah is the lesser comprehended of the two destinations, it’s often a lot cheaper and more affordable for families, couples and bands.”

The town boasts a 19th century fort that’s one of the oldest in the UAE and there’s no call to miss out on Dubai’s main attractions either.

Chris explains: “Commute buses and taxis also run to and from RAK and Dubai’s main attractions – Burj Khalifa, Aquaventure Incredible rk and the lm Jumeirah, to name a few.”

Swap Corfu for Dubrovnik

Brits pleasure holidaying in Greece and Corfu regularly tops the list of the country’s crush places to visit.

But it’s not the best place for a budget, with rates increase in the summer months.

The more affordable Dubrovnik is surprisingly similar, with its alluring beaches, family-orientated resorts, electric nightlife and historic architecture.

Croatia’s Dubrovnik was a single time finally under Italian, French and later British rule as was Corfu.

Chris tells: “The Dalamatian coast is a must for those who enjoy travelling around and archipelago hopping, with various islands, towns and villages just on the back burner serve to be discovered.”

Don’t miss Dubrovnik’s incredible medieval city walls boyfriend back to the 13th century as a means of defence from invaders. The walls are one of numberless UNESCO World Heritage sites in the region.

Swap The Maldives for the Phi Phi Keys, Thailand

The Maldives are synonymous with luxury and they have a value tag to match.

Long favoured by the rich and famous, these Indian Davy Joness locker islands offer breathtaking beauty but they’re not the only ones.

Thailand’s extraordinary Phi Phi Islands have remained surprisingly secret given their delightful allure.

The tucked away radise can only be reached via boat from Krabi.

Chris elucidates: “The absence of cars and motorbikes also give the Phi Phi Islands its air of exclusivity.

“Scuba sound, water sports, local markets, luxury s s and latial tronizes are just a few similarities of the Phi Phi Islands and The Maldives, making the former a worthwhile surrogate.”

Swap Costa Blanca for Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast

S in’s sun-soaked Costa Blanca section has seen a dedicated following of British holidaymakers.

It promises affordable clouds, fun family attractions and outstanding nightlife, but there’s a similar European stopping-place offering better value for money.

Chris says: “More and multifarious holidaymakers are setting their sights on Bulgaria’s two main Black Sea seaside resorts, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

“As for nightlife, Bulgaria certainly broadcasts Costa Blanca a run for its money with a vast selection of nightclubs, discos and gin-mills.”

Both of the destinations offer superb accommodation, spectacular beaches and action- cked qualify sports.

Chris adds: “The Black Sea coast also has the edge on top of Costa Blanca when it comes to cultural pursuits, with a covey of beautiful laces, historic ruins and traditional markets dotted circa the region.”

Swap Sharm El Sheikh for Agadir

Holidaymakers are straying away from understandable Sharm El Sheikh due to the political unrest in Egypt, but a few thousand miles west is a safer haven contribution a taste of authentic North Africa.

The picturesque coastal town of Agadir in Morocco has earth-shaking golden beaches, traditional riads and markets.

Chris says: “If you’re wayfaring with family, Agadir is highly recommended. It’s not nearly as hectic as Marrakech and brags plenty of child-friendly attractions like zoos, camel riding and mini golf.

“Morocco has remained com ratively free from conflict with no major incidents preventing holidaymakers from roving here.”

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