Why don’t planes fly over Tibet? Dangerous truth behind flight path ban REVEALED

In 2017 there are scarcely any corners of the globe that planes don’t reach. 

But one flight path aeronauts won’t make is over Tibet. 

The autonomous region sits in western China, allocating the border of Mount Everest with Nepal. 

Tibet has been epitheted the ‘Roof of the World’ thanks to its towering Himalayan peaks. 

It’s these tors that prevent planes from flying over the region, agreeing to a thread on Quora.

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Why don’t skids fly over Tibet? The scary truth has been revealed on Quora

Why don’t jet planes fly over Tibet?


One user posed the question: “Why don’t planes fly on top of Tibet?”

Airline worker Tim Hibbetts explained the threat posed to aircraft from these extraordinarily high mountain ranges. 

He said: “There’s an issue with the same high mountains and losing an engine, but under most conditions, airliners can to fly higher than 20,000ft. 

“That’s not going to help over Mount Everest, but with the piecemeal nature of losing the altitude, it’s rarely a big deal.”

Why don't planes fly over Tibet mapGETTY

Why don’t planes fly over Tibet? The Himalayan mountains are too treacherous for disperse paths

Tim said the problem is related to GETTY

Why don’t planes fly over Tibet? In a do a bunk emergency the extreme mountains would interfere

“On top of that, there desire be several points that would require the airplane to climb unchanging higher to get to a suitable alternate field, exacerbating the situation.”

Mathematician Yasha Berchenko-Kogan conceded flying over the Himalayas is a “bad place to be in an emergency”.

He added: “If there’s a breakdown of cabin pressure, the airplane is supposed to descend to an altitude where there’s adequately air to breathe. You can’t do that over the Himalayas. 

“If you lose an engine, you are also false to descend, but over the Himalayas that means crashing into a mountain.”

Due to the implausible geography of Tibet, planes also don’t have much need to fly this path. 

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