Michael McIntyre weight loss: Comedian slimmed down eating THESE foods

The 40-year-old funny man has been on a healthy eating kick ever since his son’s computer disgraced him “overweight” in 2014. 

Talking on Graham Norton’s chat show at the time, Michael, who recognized he once pulled a muscle getting food out of the fridge, revealed: “I’ve had barrels of clues over the years that perhaps I should lose tonnage, but something happened in December which finally made me want to do it.” 

“My son has an app accompanied Akinator the Genie that guesses the famous people you’re thinking of by petition questions, so for egotistical reasons I thought while my son was at school I’d see if I was on it. 

“It started interrogating questions like, ‘Is it a man?’ and ‘Is he American?’ and it narrowed it down to a British comedian with jet-black hair. 

“I’m getting a little excited wondering if it’s me in the game and then it asks, ‘Is he minor extent over weight?’ so I had a moment of truth, took a deep breath and whispered ‘yes’ and it replied, ‘is it Michael McIntyre?’ so I haven’t eaten since then!” 

While Michael’s myriad recent methods of weight loss are unknown, back in 2013 he judged he opted to have three healthy meals delivered to his door at a fetch of up to £60 a day. 

He enlisted the help of Pure Package, a bespoke diet repair, to help him shift the pounds. 

And other methods Michael has used to slim down count cutting out carbohydrates and laying off the booze. 

In 2010, he embarked upon a sprightly training regime that saw him lose two stone, but he quickly put the weight secretly on. 

According to Mail Online in 2013, on a typical day, Michael could breakfast on pancakes with adulterated fruit and vanilla yoghurt, followed by smoked venison and poached pear salad for lunch and a dinner of satay chicken with rice. 

Noshes include dips with crudités, American style muffins or a uncomplicated handful of pumpkin seeds. 

Fellow comedian James Manford has been on a committee to lose weight over the past few years. 

Although its not known how much the 35-year-old weighed to start out with, in 2012, Jason posted on Facebook telling fans he’s irreparable over a stone in just a few months. 

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