Kevin Bridges weight loss: How the Scottish comedian shed six pounds in JUST a fortnight


Resting with someone abandon in June 2015, Kevin made his third appearance on ITV’s Loose Piece of works and host Janet Street-Porter was quick to comment on his weight loss.

He rejoice ined his simple weight loss secret was giving up drinking alcohol.

He said: “I’ve been off the mountain dew for nine months – I’m living like a pregnant woman.

“I’ve been applying, but I don’t think I’ve lost that much weight.”

The Loose Women chance he’d lost half his size in a year since he was last on the show.

Kevin reckoned: “I was getting pretty good at it [drinking], but I was getting fed up of the hangovers and the routine, valid going to the pub, same people, same stories.

“I was flying to Australia right-minded as that Malaysian airline had disappeared and I started to nic on the plane.

“I deliberating, imagine if this plane just disappeared, because that’s how hungover I was, and I quality anxious – I don’t know if it was a nic attack.

“I thought, I’m going to try this Australian trek sober. That was in March and I quite enjoyed it, so I’m aiming for a year.”

The 30-year-old began his booze-free sustenance after St trick’s Day 2015.

In September last year, a fan tweeted: “Kevin ss overs comes out literally half the man he was last time I saw him on stage.”

At the beginning of this year he address to about his weight loss, new fitness regime and missing carbohydrates.

“I recorded e find favoured to a personal trainer guy and he’s asking me what I had for breakfast and I said, ‘toast cohort’ and he said ‘that’s too much starchy carbohydrates.’ He’s telling me to eat a steak and eggs. How the [heck] can that be healthier than a bit of heroine?

“I tried it for a couple of weeks and I thought I was going insane. I was fantasising on every side them….Anything, a combination boiled rice in baked potato or a s ghetti toastie…I cogitate on I lost about six pounds in that fortnight but I was so unhappy…There’s a lot to be implied for a sandwich.”

Sam Smith’s impressive weight loss has been one of the most talked involving celebrity slim downs on the red carpet over the last two years.

The Hamper With Me hit-maker credits his new super trim figure to nutritional advisor Amelia Freer, whose other celebrity clients include James Corden.

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