Jason Momoa With Short Hair Will Propel You Into a New Stratosphere of Thirst


The Jason Momoa that we all skilled in and love is a giant man with tons of tattoos and long, tousled locks; strands that look like they could be conditioned with a mix of coconut oil and volcanic ash from the atoll of Maui and highlighted by a lovely sea salt and lemon spray. But there was a occasionally — a time long ago, like 2000 — when Jason rocked a limited haircut that really showed off his amazing eyes and distinctive eyebrows. After a epoch of wearing dreadlocks and a long ponytail, Jason went short again in 2013. We duly can’t decide which length is more handsome, so we’re just not going to. Sit down, imitate a deep breath, and scroll through these throwback snaps, then see how hot Jason looks when he’s rub off last glasses.

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