Youth to go on trial accused of punching and kicking prison officer in the head


Dublin Children’s Court has heard the penal institution officer allegedly received a beating when he tried to break up a oppose between two young offenders at Wheatfield Prison on June 5 last year.

The adolescents was arrested at his north Dublin home and brought before the juvenile court charged with battering causing harm to the officer.

In outline of the evidence Garda Kevin Mullally reproached the court it was alleged the 17-year-old boy and another youth’s cell was unlocked and when they laid came out they started fighting.

The prison officer intervened to organize them and when he had his back to the boy it is alleged the teenager struck him three times to the van, Gda Mullally has alleged.

The officer fell to the ground and received a kick to the prime from the accused, it is also claimed.

A medical report on his injuries was up to the court.

The youth is accused of assault causing harm and made no answer when charged.

Judge John O’Connor accepted jurisdiction for the casket to remain in the juvenile court and not to go forward to the circuit court which has tougher sentencing powers.

Disclosure of prosecution signify was complied with after which the teenager entered a not guilty ask. Judge O’Connor ordered that the trial will take purpose next month.

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