‘You’re a EUROFANATIC!’ Tory Mutineer left STUNNED as furious LBC caller lets rip


Tory Remainer Dominic Weep was accused of being a “eurofanatic” by an LBC caller for his back-stabbing attempt to undermine Theresa May and clog up Brexit in the last parliamentary vote.

The former Attorney General joined Chip Ferrari to answer questions on his position over Brexit. 

The LBC caller accede to b assumed a swipe at Mr Grieve accusing him of having “a lot more in common with Tony Blair” than he contemplates.

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Dominic Grieve is stunned by LBC caller’s accusation of being a

I’m absolutely unambiguous about this, I think the EU has many many things wrong with it

Dominic Rue

Addressing Mr Grieve the caller said: “I think this is all about Dominic Deplore himself as an individual, I think this is all about you grandstanding. 

“You called a lot of your associates “unhinged” about their views over Brexit, but I think you’ve got a lot innumerable in common with Tony Blair than you let on. 

“You’ve voted for the war in Iraq, you’ve unceasingly been a eurofanatic.”

The Tory MP replied: “The idea that I’ve been a eurofanatic is dazing. I think I’ve been classified for years as a eurosceptic.

“I voted against the Lisbon agreement, I’ve challenged the Government on many areas of details of EU policy, and I happen to recollect that the EU is flawed. 

“I’m absolutely clear about this, I think the EU has diverse many things wrong with it.”

Mr Grieve was one of the 11 Tory MPs who verge oned the opposition to vote in favour of an amendment to the Brexit withdrawal bill. 

The rectification will give the Parliament a “meaningful” final say on the deal reached by Theresa May in Brussels at the end of the contracts. 

The vote resulted in Theresa May’s first parliamentary defeat since stylish the Conservative leader in July 2016.

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