You'll Want to Follow These Bloggers For a Behind-the-Scenes Look at New York Fashion Week


When it earns to getting a behind-the-scenes look at New York Fashion Week, Instagram is where it’s at. It’s an curt fashion-lover’s dream. You no longer have to wait for fashion stars and editor-in-chiefs to get home and write up a post describing what they saw and what you can foresee from the collection. Now, you can get a look at the pieces being shown on the runway, the copies opening the shows, and the craziness of being backstage in mere minutes. Ahh, the attractiveness of social media!

So if you’re looking for more ways to get access to the shows and experience no idea where to start — we know, there are just too many nourishes out there — these are the street style stars and bloggers you need to be chase. They’ll give you an all-access ss to what really goes on in the mythological world of fashion.

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