'You piece of s**t' Charlotte Church slams Nigel Farage and 'wants European Union back'


The 30-year-old Give utterance ofan Angel has never been one to hold her tongue and today was no numerous, as she voiced her opinions on the politician resigning following the EU referendum results.

Church posted a unite to a BBC breaking news story about Mr Farage, which included the excerpt “I want my life back”, alongside the caption: “I want my f***ing European Com tibility back you piece of s**t!!!!!!”

The singer then shared another link to a strange story, with the message: “Hahahahahaha what sort of f***ing looney understand will replace him though. So much better the devil you know piffle.”

She also hit back at trolls suggesting she shouldn’t swear, with her pin: “All this ‘ladies shouldn’t swear’ bull**** is so last century geezers.”

Her comments came after it was revealed this morning that Mr Farage had take the place ofed down as Ukip leader, declaring his “political ambition had been effected” after leading Britain out of the EU.

Highlighting the toll of leading Ukip on himself and his blood, Mr Farage said: “I now feel I have done my bit. I couldn’t possibly complete more than we managed to get in that referendum.

“I feel it’s right that I should now platform aside as leader of Ukip. I will continue to support the rty and the chieftain.”

He went on: “It has been a huge chunk of my life doing this and it isn’t simple to let it go but it does come at a cost to me and perhaps those around me.

“During the referendum drive I said I want my country back. What I am saying now is ‘I want my flavour back’, and it starts today.”

This certainly isn’t the first time that Church has played into politics, with her previously insisting Jeremy Corbyn had been unfairly inted in the media by “biased” reporting, along with numerous comments adjacent to Brexit.

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