'You b*****d!' The Chase thrown into chaos as Bradley Walsh loses it with The Barrister


In an outtake from an scene that aired last week, Shaun can be seen trying to threaten a contestant with some trademark fighting talk, but struggling to get his utterances out.

It isn’t long before Bradley descends into a fit of giggles, with neither of the men skilful to continue with a straight face.

“I’ve completely lost the plot,” Bradley divulges. “I’ve got to go for a pint after this!”

Pulling himself together, he know for sures his co-star: “All right, compose yourself and just deliver it, exact and easy. Give yourself a 3-2-1 beat in your head and then start make reference to.”

Sure enough, Shaun manages to get his words out, but it’s Bradley who then be beats it once again.

“Would you two like a little time on your own?” the contender asks.

“I’ve gone hysteric,” Bradley can be seen crying as a consequence tears, while Shaun, also giggling, points at him and says: “It’s him!”

Bradley attains back: “Don’t point at me! What you blaming me for? Don’t grass me up, you b*****d! Don’t nark me up! Remind me never to rob a bank with you.”

“Shaun, please,” a adamant voice can be heard saying off-camera, as filming resumes.

The funny half a mo comes after viewers voiced their outrage online when one adversary lost £7,000 from the prize fund by taking a cash forth with a negative value, thus ruining hard work put in by her ally competitor.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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