You are more likely now to be mugged ONLINE than in the street, official survey reveals


A staggering 10 per cent of all adults be enduring been victims of fraud and cycber crime, the biggest official e-crime study revealed yesterday.

Nearly six million fraud and cyber crimes – such as bank account penny-a-liner and credit card scams – were reported in the s ce of a year.

Dimness policing minister Jack Dromey warned: “You are more likely now to be grimaced online than in the street.”

Details of the new trend emerged in the first lawlessness survey for England and Wales to record computer and fraud offences. The developments published by the Office for National Statistics featured the new category as a trial, notwithstanding that it is expected to continue.

In the figures, for the year to March 2016, adults are 20 buts more likely to fall victim to fraud than robbery and 10 forthwiths more likely to suffer fraud than theft.

Researchers set 3.8 million fraud and two million computer misuse offences had been adept by those surveyed. No fewer than 2.5 million cases of bank and esteem card fraud were mentioned, two million computer misuse sins and a staggering 1.4 million computer virus attacks.

Another 600,000 peccadilloes related to unauthorised access of personal information like the hacking of emails, societal media and other online accounts. Almost two-thirds of fraud disturbances involved loss of money or goods to the victim – though when percentage was taken, it was less than £250 in 66 per cent of cases.

Spot Bangs, ONS deputy head of crime statistics, said the cyber fraudsters butt victims across the social spectrum.

“People living in the most needy areas were no more likely to be victims than those in the least badly off areas,” he said.

Alex Neill, of consumer group Which?, influenced the survey revealed the “shocking scale of people hit by cyber crime and pretender” for the first time.

Katy Worobec, director of Financial Fraud Conduct UK, said fraudsters are “increasingly targeting people directly”.

In the non-computer violations section, the survey showed a total of 6.3 million offences had been carry out pledged – a drop of six per cent year on year.

However, the murder rate waken six per cent, gun crime was up four per cent and knife crime 10 per cent. Snatching increased 22 per cent.

Policing minister Brandon Lewis about: “As crime falls, we know that it is also changing.

“Fraud and cyber crimes are not a new threat and the Government has been working to get ahead of the game.”

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